Christmas Isn't Pretty Anymore

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Posted by pancho ( on December 23, 2001 at 21:23:53:

It was always a commercial nightmare, always a cheap season of the year made of bartered goods and credit cards passing off as love and peace. But this year it's even worse...this is the 12th year that 5000 Iraqi children a month are dying...children born long after whatever that Gulf thing really was...children who are as innocent as Jesus ever was...and look what his own father did to him!

In the stores terminally jolly voices are singing about Peace and bringing you all Love and Joy. How can people NOT require a daily cocktail of drugs and booze to get through the days...and viagra to give 'em a Niagra.

Over one half million killed and all for nothing...and these people celebrate Joy and Love and Peace. There isn't a damn thing any Muslim did to this country in the last 500 years...except for recently when even their forebearance came to an end. People forget that Palestinians are Christians good numbers...that they were also among the first followers of that jew carpenter and advocate of Peace and brotherly and sisterly Love. What a joke. You Assyrian Christians piously explain that these Christians you run to for protection, jobs and toothpaste...are not REAL Christians like you gentle and meek followers of the True Christ.

Do True Christians just pay others to do their killing for them? Do they hire fake Christians to do the dirty they can smile at the Muslims and say..."we never harmed you, why did you harm us"? Is that supposed to fool anybody?

In the rest of the world there is hunger and anger and fear and frustration...the wealth you enjoy so conspicuously at this time of year...wealth you can't afford taken from the sweat and labor and misery of an increasing number of people whose economnies are being shattered by this Free Trade enslavement of yours. How can their fledgling businesses hope to compete against your well financed and subsidized ones? What happens to a small town in America, to the mom and pop stores if a Home Depot and Sam's Club and a Rite Aid and a Costso move in? Why do you suppose so many towns fight like mad to keep them out? It's the same with free trade and globalism...the big guys are killing off mom and pop and all the little kiddies too. And you wonder why so many people hate this country...hate it enough to kill themselves trying to get back at you.

This has got to be the biggest celebration of Hypocracy ever held by any people at any time. And you know damn well you don't really enjoy it...that it gets harder and harder to fool yourselves.

Let Our People Go.

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