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Posted by pancho ( on December 24, 2001 at 06:29:54:

I love the way everybody is down on me for wanting to make money. Seems I'm the only one in our community, if not the world, who wants to be paid for the work he does. I guess the rest of you work for the love of your bosses, or because you can't think of anything else to do. I suppose you don't care much what you're paid or when. I suppose you don't sweat it for twenty cents an hour more...or go looking for the place that will pay you the most.

Yet you all scream like hopeful virgins about me and the money I make. The head of Ashurbanipal that Jackie and Lincoln bought is appraised by Butterfield and Butterfield at $40,000.00...the University has it insured for $50,000.00...that would be its replacement cost if it were stolen or damaged beyond repair. I asked Lincoln for $15,000.00. Naturally you'll all say I couldn't get any more for it, was lucky to get even that. Who's lucky?

You guys say people "Gave" me money. Is that what you tell British Motors or Ford Motor Company? Do you waltz back into the showroom after picking up your Taurus and brag about how you GAVE Ford a few thousand bucks? Is that the way you operate? Would you go up to the President of GM and tell him he should be grateful because of the money you GAVE his company?

You think if Assyrians didn't value the sculpture, didn't know it was a great deal..they'd part with a dime???

The ONLY ones to denigrate the work, and me...are Assyrians. Doesn't bother me cause I know what poor Christian stuff we're made of...but it is interesting for others to see and hear. As the lawyer kept saying..."why are they doing this to YOU?"

The short answer is that they aren't doing "IT" to me at all. They are doing IT to themselves...they are used to putting ashes on their heads and eating dust...even when no one offers to slit an Assyrian throat, the damn fools slit their own. It's hard work, maintaining this "despised" status these days...being scourged in the marketplace when the world wants to honor us instead...hard work supporting Kelley Ross against a pagan Assyrian.

We have a major screw loose in our heads...we HATE Assyrians more than anyone else ever did. Pay your taxes and pass another bomb...there should be no trace left of them soon...then you can all take a bus to heaven where you'll find one pissed off Ashur.

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