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Posted by pancho ( on December 25, 2001 at 13:35:59:

We have any number of self styled experts...once an Assyrian reads a book he's done...he now KNOWS something. None of these experts hold any degrees, advanced, anal, or otherwise from anywhere...I mean the ones who mouth off for our benefit. It would be interesting to sit them down before some regular people, out THERE, and have them recount their knowledge and lack of it...and where they have ever submitted anything for peer review by any accredited source etc. When the very real experts, dripping degrees and books published and artcles in journals etc, can't agree among themselves...where do these experts of ours come off sounding like they know anything? Where is the expedition any Assyrian agency has mounted, where is the museum or library containing these artifacts and books and articles. Don't our experts from Hell just take whatever the West gives them among a host of conflicting and ever changing "facts" and just decide which ones suit their own fancies and prejudices...ignoring what they don't like or can't understand?

Yes, they may read the primary sources well enough...but what do they understand of what they read and how knowledgeable are thhey as to supporting or conflicting material from a variety of disciplines...nothing, nothing at all...just scouring over things looking for what they think confirms their views anyway.

This business about my sculpture being "historically inaccurate"...which history...written by whom and when? Do they mean the Viking Helmet on Sargon the First? I was right about that as any glance at the stelle of Naram Sin will well as several other almost every lamasu in existence. Besides which, even if Vikings HAD those kinds of helmets, we had them first and much earlier. But as it turned out Vikings never had horns on their was a popular myth put to rest by more "experts".

We had this argument from any number of Assyrians about the Ashurbanipal...that it was really Gilgamesh...much to the confusion of white people who understand that art ain't is interpretation. Besides which, as I proved to one such gent...there is nothing written on the famous statue to tell us it is Gilgamesh...just some archaeologists whim...and not only that but another very respected "expert" in the field...a French expert shows two almost identical photos of two almost identical of which is the famous one everyone thinks is of Gilgamesh...and he calls NEITHER one of them Gilgamesh but , "Lion Tamer Heroes". Which of you has a degree to match all of his and a book such as he has published?

Experts make mistakes all the time...and they admit it and know it, and they change their opinions and "facts" constantly. My position is that since none of them is sure of anything for long...I will take the word of the one who most honors my Heritage and serves my purpose...and that purpose is to present as much detail and artifacts on any given sculpture to impress and catch the attention of passersby. At several thousand dollars apiece and years spent combating Assyrians, I can't afford to make only one and only one kind of sculpture at a time. I have to also be aware that I am appealing to an uneducated audience who needs to have their eyes opened...they can read YOUR damn books and see YOUR friggin sculptures whenever you get around to making them...but for now, I tell them up front that this is an artistic interpretation NOT History...and everyone understands except those who do the least with the lesser.

If there are in existence five different designs for a kings earrings...and each design uses some common elements such as a rosette, a wave pattern, a palmette and a lotus blossum, plus a star and cirrcles and squares within a square...why can't I take from each existing earring one element and combine five or six in an entirely new combination which for all any of us know is lying right there underneath an American bomb in Iraq waiting to be discovered or buried even further under the broken body of some young child playing where it doesn't know about Muslims and Christians? Why not?

I recall the absurd converstaions and arguments in
Detroit where people tried to convince me that Hammurabi, the Great King of the Four Corners, had only ONE ROBE in his closet, the one he has come down to us wearing...and only ONE type of sandal and ONE kind of hat...and that he ALWAYS wore THAT hat and THAT robe and that was that because where was the "Historical Evidence" to prove differently? These are the same people who will take the Bible's word for what we were as if it was gospel.

I want some of these experts to testify too, and it shouldn't be difficult to arrange. My whole point is that there has been a conspiracy among certain individuals with ties to one organization to discredit me and ruin my reputation. Part of that would include telling potential buyers, or people trying to get things installed, that I don't know what I'm doing, that I'm all wrong and determined to RUIN our history and good name. Okay...I'll accept the challenge...let's see you explain, and convincingly too, just where I'm wrong...and then let us put up real experts, really educated people who will cause you to be laughed out of court as you well deserve.

This is your chance to embarrass me in front of everybody and cause me to lose the case...prove I don't know what I'm talking about...that I CAN'T sculpt in any way I want when I explain I am an artist and NOT a historian and when historians are wrong half the time and modifying their findings every few months.

Had you all been only knocking my looks or family or ability AS AN ARTIST...or had I been an amateur like Rabel Shmoel, and not a pro, who makes his living from his work and therefore must rely on his might have gotten away with it. But you're going to have to explain how, with such spotty and scanty knowledge and NO standing among the recognized community of scholars and floated your hints and comments to people who were potential buyers or who were trying to get a monument of mine installed in a certain city. To have blocked that effort through more of your nonsense, is to further hurt my ability to sell my PRODUCT, YOU tell a jusge that "
He wants to make Money" ...and you had damn well better be able to answer as to your motives and your OWN friggin expertise...also what you hoped to gain by excluding the ONE person among the lot of you experts who is actually doing something...or was until you added your two cents worth.

There is ample room on the docket for a few more fatheads.

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