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Posted by pancho ( on December 25, 2001 at 20:21:50:

The Christians that you brag about killed six million innocent people and that wasn't four centuries ago either. No one...NO ONE has killed more people in the last 500 years than Christians have. You add up the numbers. When have Muslim armies roamed the world killing anyone who had what they wanted...when in the modern era...? Who has been killing 5000 Iraqi children a month for 12 years...children as innocnet as all children are? Who has been inciting the Israelis...and who PUT them there, to kill Palestinians for sport for how many years now?

The Assyrians killed plenty of people in their day...everyone does these's just the Christians who are getting away with murder and have been for years now. There are worthy people in every religion, your own damn president shrub even says so. There are rotten Christians and rotten Muslims. If you claim that every Muslim is guilty by association for what some Muslims did...and remember that it was Muslims who saved the Assyrians fleeing Urmia and other Muslims who saved the Armenians too...then ALL Christians will have to bear the guilt for what some Christians have done...and by your own illogic, the Assyrian Christians who were killed by some Muslims DESERVED it in Muslim eyes for they were associated in the guilt of some Christians who had done plenty of evil to Muslims.

Your foolishness is a sword that cuts both ways. We need to see things in a case by case scenario..if you lump all Muslims together and insist they are all teach Muslims to do the same with Christians...and innocent Assyrians will catch the hell reserved for the Brits and Americans who Muslims can't get at as easily...I happened to me in speaking English and coming from three years in America and wearing blue jeans was enough for them to treat me as they WISHED they could have treated those they couldn't get their hands on for bombing Port Said and killing hundreds of inncocent TEACH this kind of indiscriminate slaughter in your hatred...just as they do.

I respect good people, I don't care the color of their skin, their sex, or their religion, or their place of origin...I'm not going to play this hate game...especially since, as an Assyrian born in the Mideast and spending some turbulent years there...I KNOW what it feels like to be hated for what you haven't done.

To their credit the people of Iraq have not turned against their Christian has been the government of Iraq, trained and put in place and kept there by Uncle sam that has committed these crimes. Just ONE attack was enough to get American citizens to go out hunting Sikhs and anyone who looked different, and don't forget...they came looking for YOU as well...cross or no cross.

As to who owns a country...everybody has stolen one was given the land occupied by others. Would you give your house in Chicago back to the Iriquois Indians now if they came demanding THEIR country back? Of course not. Those who take the land, own and control's a time honored rule, one the Assyrians themselves also believed in. It is the Iraqis in Iraq, in BetNahrain who have remained and endured...and it is they who are protecting the treasures and trying to keep the country intact...those who do the work, deserve the guys come running and whining over here and DEMAND you be given "your" country if everything is available in a Welfare Office. In this Life you EARN what's one hands out countries..and the people you appeal to and cry to know this and scorn you as you deserve. And. finally, it is the Assyrians of the world today, in America and Britain...who are paying to have what was Assyria destroyed...and you claim you love Assyrians? Do me a favor...hate my everloving guts forever...I couldn't survive your brand of "love".

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