My first Aprim encounter...

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Posted by Jeff ( on December 27, 2001 at 01:31:11:

He e-mailed this to me when I posted a message on Aina about how I was looking for any books on the Chaldean language...

Sat, 20 Nov 1999 12:01:43 -0800
"fred aprim"

Dear Jeff,
I read your message on, you sound like a very intelligent person and reasonable
to communicate with..
In today's world, unlike in the early days of this century and before, Assyrians were
basically left in the dark about their history, their concentartion was on religion only.
This practice got this nation where it is standing these days. We were brain-washed for so
many years by all kind of misleading informations, specially by the governments in Iraq
and Turkey, culturally killed, linguistically beaten to death.
Today, we live in a society of freedom, where resourses are right at the touch of our
fingertips, there is no excuse for our lack of knowledge, the truth. You mentioned the
term Chaldean language in your post, but, that is a fiction friend. We can not rely on
what Sarhad Jammo says, because FACT is that if you try to find such term, i.e., Chaldean
language, you will never succeed. Look anywhere, in any sourse, what you will find is what
is called the SYRIAC LANGUAGE. Tomorrow we will need to argue a case against a person who
knows his subject well, trust me, we will sound like idiots saying that we speak the
Chaldean language.
As an intellectual and a reasonable person, I challange you to mention ONE sourse, not
something written by a biased person, what I mean to mention ONE scholar (non-Chaldean)
who verifies the so called Chaldean language. This term only surfaced few years ago by
such people like Sarhad Jammo, they might find market within the community, but when an
conversation with specialist in the field is undertaken, such statement will make fools of
Please do not get mad at me, but the years of ignorance must be put behind us, we can not
let individuals who have a certain agenda under their sleeves keep us in the dark. Again,
please speak of LOGIC and FACTS.
I await your findings.

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