They're at it Again at Aina...the Martyr Franchise

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Posted by pancho ( on December 27, 2001 at 09:43:51:

We have NO MARTYRS. That doesn't mean we haven't been murdered and brutalized and robbed. It just means that you people have to look in a dictionary once in a while. What we have are name it...victims of murder, victims of genocide, victims of massacres. I undertsand that this flies in the face of the Martyr Franchise you haave going around here...because you still think that by getting Muslims to kill an Assyrian, you will somehow excite the world's pity and they will give you Food Stamps and a country to piss in. You overlook completely all the Assyrians killed by Christians in the last 12 years...well how would it look if Assyrians in America were MARTYRING Assyrians in Iraq. Not good for the trade.

I've explained any number of time that the word martyr has a specific meaning...I can't help it if you use Hanna's dictionary and choose to speak in tongues. There HAS to be an element of "choice" in being a martyr. If someone tells you to do "X" and you refuse, knowing full well that you will be killed for it...than you are a martyr, properly speaking...but then again only if that "X" has to do with religion per se. If someone just comes up and shoots you dead for believeing in a particular religion...and doesn't give you the chance to renounce that religion...even if he kills you BECAUSE of that religion...then you are just are NOT a martyr.

Why does someone HAVE to be martyr for you guys to care? What's the difference? The difference is that you hope to use this borrowed status to get SYMPATHY and enoble your losses. The people who count, who have power in their hands are not fooled by these word games...they see what you are doing and rightly scorn you for it.

Once the world was thought to be flat didn't help any in navigating the globe. People stayed at home and were fearful. Let's get clear and specific and sharpen our wits for the coming battles and work we have to do...stop wallowing in your losses and trying to make of them some grand palace where you can live forever...come out and let's see what we can do...not suffer, but DO.

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