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Posted by parhad ( on October 04, 2001 at 09:37:31:

>U.S. and British warplanes police a no-fly zone over the region to guard it against attacks by Iraqi armed forces. The zone was set up shortly after the 1991 Gulf War over Kuwait. (posted by your basic generic "Sargon" at beth)

>>>You are being disingenuous and naive at the same time. US and British warplanes, or those of South Africa or China...have no business, no inalienable right to divide a country, murder its population, starve its children...then "protect" it from attack. When has Saddam done anywhere near what the United States has done to hurt the Iraqi people...including putting him there in the first place?

>>>Saddam killed no more of his indigenous people than the United States killed native Americans...a whole lot less actually. Or than the Brits killed native peoples in Australia or the Europeans killed all over Africa. Some of us aren't stupid and some of us do read books and think for ourselves...this isn't Iraq yet!!

>>>The US and the Brits and the United Nations and practically the entire world, has ganged up on and conspired to kill and maim and rob and ruin far more Iraqis than Saddam ever did. Just when did the children of Iraq become "enemies" of the United States?

>>>The "no Fly" zone was set up for future use as a device over which Iraq could go to war against Iraq. Destabilization in that region is the only US policy...and you have to look no further than under the soil for the reason, or to the fact that Pappy Bush was deeply into oil drilling when he started that war as his son is beholden to the same oil "advisors" now.

>>>Iraq is now a huge pumping station, its population reduced to oil rig workers for the forseeable future. America and Britain aren't "protecting" anybody...anywhere...they are killing, robbing and raping...these "zones" are merely one of the means and excuses by which they justify "policing" and "patrolling" the region...while they also provide the lion's share of the violence they are supposedly "rescuing" those people from.....Andreeeaaaassss?

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