God and the National Football League

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Posted by pancho ( on December 29, 2001 at 20:29:09:

Okay...when do we cut out all this crap? I mean this "God" shell game that's been going on since people were scared enough and ignorant enough to invent all them gods in the first place. They say there were many idols, many gods once, and then people started to see the light and believed in only ONE God. Really???...Which people? At last count there are about fifteen Gods floating around up there...each of them taking credit for starting the whole thing. I'd say the Human Race is as idolatrous as ever, they've just "consolidated" that's all.

As I watched the sun come up over the New Mexico mountain range I thought of how simple it is to believe that SOMETHING or SOMEONE if you prefer...or a BUNCH OF GODS, if you insist...created all of this. And then I STOPPED. I didn't go any further and describe his looks, write down his words...outline his plans or any of the rest of it...how the hell would I know? Just let it go at that...something damn wonderful is going on. No need to take sides and pick up stones and treetrunks and kill those who have a different take on it. The one true religion should be the one that wont argue about it.

Instead we have a veritable Football League made of various teams each with a savage fan club ready to tear the everlovin guts out of each other's children. Then each team has its cheerleaders who say they are the "true" ones...all the while cheering on their "false" team members who are actually out there slugging it away to the cheers and shouts of the coaches and fans.

This is a madhouse, it isn't religion at all. Each of you thinks your team is best, each coach thinks his team is best, and each set of cheerleaders egg the fans on to frenzy which usually results in bloodshed and a lot of dead children...yes that's right..dead children...when they aren't just orphaned and traumatized. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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