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Posted by pancho ( on December 30, 2001 at 08:25:23:

After Wilfred broke faith with me a second time, and announced he wanted to keep Zinda magazine "light"...and frothey, I presume...sort of the "Bud Lite" of journalism, I lost interest in the magazine. I like real beer.

I just took a peek at it. It is lite indeed...and as full of the simple mistakes that keep it at the least entertaining. I used to submit stuff there and take great pains to get things right, only to find horrendous typos that could completely destroy the meaning of a sentence or paragraph.

I can never tell if the person writing in makes the mistakes, or the "staff" does. In this weeks issue a letter from a lawyer in Australia contains enough typos to have him removed from the bar...or given something stronger to drink. But the absolute winner is a letter to or about Bill Clinton...


"In response to the question of whether the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), through its local chapter in Australia, is in any way connected to the Karl Suleman Enterprizes investment scheme (KSE), I would like to assure those who are concerned that the AUA has no involvement whatsoever with K.S.E.

***The AUA doesn't NEED to contract out its foolishness...they have a fine "in house" set of fools to do the heavy lifting.

Mr. Karl Suleman has provided all Assyrian organisations whether social, political or religious with his generous donations and has supported all these organisations as a representative of our community and also has extended his assistance in non monetary ways.

***This begs the question..."oh pleez" did he help Assyrians by robbing Assyrians to help Assyrians with???

AUA received an invitation from the Froggy group of companies, as sponsors of the fundraiser dinner for the Westmead Children Hospital at which the guest of honour was the former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

****Check the dress that Froggy wore. If "ol Wild Bill showed up there must have been some cute little Frogs and a lot of "green".

It was certainly an honour for our delegates to be seated in the company of one of the most influential world leaders.

***I've seen most of your leadership...it wouldn't be hard to "honor" them...so in need are they of it...but hard to make it stick.

However, more importantly this was an opportunity for us to present President Clinton with a submission on the Assyrian situation. In this regard at the direction of Senator John Nimrod we requested that Ms Suzy David prepare and present the submission. President Clinton received the submissions and promised to consider the Assyrian issues and pleas therein.

*****RIGHT! He's gonna sit up nights reading your stuff??? Did you offer to pay him to do it? You guys are amazing, simply amazing. Rubbing elbows, or backsides, with the rich and famous so unhinges you that you believe your euphoria comes about because you accomplished anything concerete...instead of just getting rubbed the right way.

Despite her very busy work and community schedule, Ms Suzy David spent an entire week working until the early hours of morning preparing a seven-page submission together with numerous pages of selected Assyrian attachments. In presenting the submissions Ms David also raised the question with the President that where he to continue life as a private citizen

***Well did you expect him to end his life now that he was no longer President????

would he please convey the submissions to other forums wherein the Assyrian situation may be made the subject of appropriate discussion and discourse.

***And he said "suuuure"....right???

The Assyrian Universal Alliance and the Assyrian Nation are proud of what Ms. Suzy David has achieved for the Assyrian people, both in Australia, the United Nations, and in the International arena.

***WAIT A MINUTE...there you guys go AGAIN. You all can be pleased as punch at what Suzy "achieved"...you can build a statue to her (ahem) and dance round it every Sunday till the crack of Doom...but will you all STOP presenting yourselves as representatives of an Assyrian NATION??? There are plenty of people who barely tolerate your right to exist at all...where do you come off constantly and slyly slipping in this business about how the "Assyrian People" or "Nation" is proud of Suzy...or your organization? YOU are proud of Suzy...that's to be expected when you have a Nimrod as Superem Leader and Grand Bay Shrimp...but STOP trying to take us all in...and I DO mean "take us in".

She has been a pioneer in representing our nation in more than four United Nations meetings in Geneva, and has achieved much by her voluntary assistance to our people in Australia.

***She does NOT represent our "nation". Neither do you, your organization and least of all that Dimrod of a Nimrod you are all so fond of...as if to admit the sad truth that you can never hope to do any better than score HIM!

For more than 20 years she has been instrumental in the progress of our Assyrian society and our community organisations, serving as a volunteer and has donated large sums of money directly and indirectly by providing free legal services.

Suzy David has served as an adviser to the Secretary General of the AUA for several years and was elected as Deputy Secretary General of the AUA in this year's AUA World Congress in Marbella, Spain.

****Deify the woman if you want...it's okay by lots of folks...we're all happy you have a Suzy and would love to send you a Johnny too. Why are you singing her praises to us? Is she supposed to become Queen of Assyria when we've had Nimrod for King? Are you all MAD???

Ms. David's involvement with Karl Suleman Enterprizes is on a professional basis and in the course of performing her professional duties, we trust that she will do all that is ethically required of her as a lawyer, serving both the interest of her client as well as the people of our community. The information we have received is that Suzy David and the legal team for Karl Suleman in conjunction with Karl Suleman are doing all that is possible to maximise the return to all investors. We acknowledge that this is a very complex matter and we should not as individuals and as a community act in haste in our assumptions and accusations. We must be patient and allow the due process of the law to determine the ultimate result.

***OH...now I get it. Has the tar reached this paragon of civic duty and ethnic pride??? You mean to tell us that a woman as bright as you just made Suzy out to be couldn't smell the rat at such close range? Seems a contrdiction there. I can understand your garden variety of Assyrian wishing to get rich quick being taken...but his own LEGAL advisor???...and such a bright and energetic one??? I wouldn't dare accuse her of any impropriety...except perhaps for being overly cozy and close to people who wish to make other people rich by making themselves rich FIRST!!! That sort of person WOULD be impressed to hand over a document to a formerly living US Presdient. Oh pleez...why don't you all join a tea garden group or better yet any organization NOT run by Assyrians.

Let us not abuse the freedom we all so enjoy and appreciate by false and destructive accusations against individuals or organisations which serves no purpose to our community. Those that enjoy the temporary satisfaction of falsely accusing the devoted members of our community will have to ultimately account for their evil deeds and ambitions. Truth always wins out and time will determine its course."

Hermiz Shahen
Assyrian Universal Alliance
Australian Chapter

***Now that's true. Can I expect a letter from her lawyer now too?

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