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Posted by pancho ( on December 30, 2001 at 08:45:04:

Someone accidentally keeps removing this post.....I wish they could just answer it suppose it's deliberate???

This guy asks Raman an "innocent" a prelude to sliming him and maligning him should he answer the "wrong" way. It's the way with these Christian Born Again Terrorists. You watch. My answer below...

You got that partly right, sweet cheeks...YOU don't exist, or shouldn't...except as a boney hide Christian, in which case, what do you have to do with Assyrians anyway?

Are you warming up your tongue to have a go at Raman now too...are we all to live in "terror" of you meek and mild and foul mouthed private of course...who ever accused you of NOT being hypocrites?

Jesus was a Jew...refer to history...his "father" was the god of the Jews...again, refer to history. If you were today to remove
"Christ" from the word "Christian"...what would be left??? (Right nothing, what's a "......TIAN"??) the least not a Christian...that's why his name is IN THERE at the front in the first place.

I refer you now to the word Assyrian...where you will again find the name of a god at the beginning...but, what's this??? Why bless my's the name of that "Ashur" fellow. those who follow, or belong to Ashur. Take away the "Ashur" and you have what??? What's a "RIAN"...Nothing at all...just like a "TIAN" ain't a damn thing.

"Christians"... are those who follow or belong to Christ. Christ was a Jew, said so himself often enough,,,came to FULFILL the Mosaic law...the Mosaic law is JEWISH LAW...the ancient Assyrians had their own laws...and far more decent and humane and wise they were too...but let that go, what would you know. At the time that Assyrian king supposedly wrote a letter to Jesus inviting him to come live with him and then converting us that time Jesus was a JEW! There were no Christians yet and wouldn't be for 70 years after Christ was executed. In the beginning you HAD to be a Jew, circumcised and all, BEFORE you were allowed to be a follower of Christ. That's what the Jews almost killed Paul for...he wanted to change that rule specifically and let all gentiles join up. That famous king converted his people to Judaism..."Reformed" slightly, but still Judaism, it certainly wasn't Christianity yet.

So, in answer to your question..."do you mean there have been no Assyrians for 2000 years"..or something like that...YES, of course there have been Assyrians, I am one, there are others. If you presume to mean that Christians who follow Christ can be Assyrians who DON'T follow Ashur,,,then you are correct, you and every last mother's son of you is NOT Assyrian. It's simple really, once you climb down from the trees you guys inhabit. The name of the GOD is IN FRONT of the name his followers go by...get it???

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