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Posted by pancho ( on December 30, 2001 at 09:13:29:

In the 70's Native Americans made a move to take over some old tribal lands...they even have a treaty signed by the Congress of the United States promising to give Florida to the Seminole tribe. Fat chance. Wherever they tried it, Federal Marshals moved in...there were a few armed confrontations and the Native Americans lost, of course.

Nothing new. Every country on earth is born of theft and injustice. Once established, each one of them gets "religion" and piously sets up the rule of "law" which they mean their citizens had better watch out. But they go right on as outlaws and bandits on the world stage with other countries all stealing and robbing where they can...where no law exists at all except the Junglest variety.

In any country, if a minority takes up arms...they will be shot, killed and broken. That's the way it is...nothing big deal, simple really. It has nothing to do with right and wrong, or who owns what, when,or how they "lost" it. Every government on earth will maintain order and control any way it can. In Waco the United States burned alive ninety people...many of them innocent and harmless children. No one went to court, no one paid for it, except the victims...and all Koresh had against him was a traffic citation or something.

Stop crying about Simele and do something about the thousands more who are being killed by the Christian United States, with your help. This is a whole other kind of massacre...yet it receives no airplay. Makes the observant think you don't care when Christians kill fact you don't much care for Assyrians...just that you hate Muslims. A movement, or a people, consumed with hatred, rather than love...will get just to where we are. If we loved more than we hated...we'd at least ASK that the killing of our fellow Assyrians be stopped NOW!!!

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