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Posted by parhad ( on October 04, 2001 at 10:10:17:

In Reply to: A Pure Delight!!!! posted by parhad on October 04, 2001 at 09:54:30:

I felt the above story was a manifest injustice. Muhammad condoned a man killing a pregnant mother and his own unborn child just because he said that she insulted him!?

>>>This fellow, like all Christian's of his stamp, cry out, "but he did it TOO"! Miklos did not praise Islam over Christianity...I'm certain he would be as severe and fair where the Koran is concerned...he says so himself that he has no tolerance for intolerance, when practiced by "holy prophets" or Deities. This Christian fellow thinks if Christianity can be shown to be marginally "better" than horrible Islam, that he's won some sort of moral or even practical if we were discussing our favorite baseball teams, or beers.

He didn't get it. You can tell Miklos unnerved him. And his point that the Old Testicles had all the violence and the New One didn't...aside from Jesus's own comments about hell and the justice of everlasting punishment and his anger at anyone who dared disagree with him...there is the grandest piece of violent vulgarity I can imagine...for where in the Old Testicles Yahweh relents and allows Issac to live, after scaring the shit out of him by commanding his own father to slit his throat as if he were an animal...the kinder gentler God of the New Testicle INSISTS this time that the unoffedning son MUST be put to death and in such a gory and painfull manner. This is the way to start a religion of Peace and Love???

"yes Son, Father loves you stop wiggling and pass me another nail." As a kid I'd look with mighty suspicion at any priest, or my own father, if they held that example of parental and divine "love" up to me as an example.

Mark Twain summed it up best....never has there been a crimminal on this earth to match the one up in heaven. Amen.

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