Being Disappeared

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Posted by pancho ( on December 30, 2001 at 09:36:31:

Any day now I should be getting that "Failure To Submit" notice they managed to have flash on my screen...even though I did it as I always had before. It really is true,..I wont submit to this brazen effort to keep us "proud" by keeping us ignorant, or rather so high strung with false praise and endless grievances that we come unglued if our pet notions are challenged. At any institution they try to prepare you to deal with the world upon release...they teach you about streets, and cars...because they don't want you to get run over etc.

Not here. On the one hand we admit how wronged we have been...what a good case we have to present to the world regarding our rights and demands...and then we take great care to make sure that none of us are capable of sustaining a four part discussion among OURSELVES that seeks to probe a little deeper than the surface, cause we know, or should know...that if we EVER get out "there"...we'll be met by far more hostile and challenging questions...and not always from "firends" and supporters.

It's an odd way to remove all challenges, all stumbling blocks...fill the exam with easy questions...praise everyone for "aceing" nothing at all...hand out diplomas based on very dubious and shoddy work...and then everyone.......... STAYS INSIDE!!!

Reminds me of the scene in "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" when Mc Murph is stunned to realiuze that his fellow inmates at the State Insane Asylum are ALL voluntary commitals...that is they WANT to stay locked up...came there ASKING to be locked up.

This is one good reason why our young people perform so dismally in the Arts...or anywhere that Assyrians design the curricula or set the standards. If this type of rule was used at a Medical School, you'd have the best damn butchers graduating from there. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that we aren't among the most capable people in the we've shown in any number of fields where OTHER people set the standards.

But we ourselves have been so traumatized by events in our history, that we refuse to get tough on ourselves...we want that poor "miskeenah" kid to win his applause easily because..."we have suffered so much" etc. At a German Medical school or an English Engineering College they could care less how much their students have "suffered". they aren't about to release a bunch of incompetants guaranteed to go out and make even MORE people suffer by circumcising their heads by mistake or dropping bridges on them either. The idea should be to make the suffering END, and the only way it's gonna do that is if we join the rest of civilization and strive to put our BEST foot forwrd and NOT show off our most mangled a way to win the sympathy we decided, among ourselves, was easier.

Let's get real.

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