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Posted by pancho ( on December 30, 2001 at 10:40:07:

No sooner did I post the last one about getting blocked at aina, than they did it. This one will have to stay here.

Had to chuckle when I read that chucklehead say that my fight is a personal thing...that I'm making a big deal out myself etc.

Over at Zinda they had some quotes from shocked parishoners and priests of the church that got burned down in Chicago...by YOUR fellow Christians...that's right, the same ones killing us in Iraq...anyway...several of them said this thing happened because people don't even know we exist...that's almost a direct quote. They said they were going redouble their efforts to educate the rest of the folks in the community etc.

That was the same sentiment expressed by Nimrod at the convention...when he ended another flatulent speech by saying that we should put aside all our differences, come together (Under HIS smelly pits of course) and "tell the world about who we are". That was when, according to Jackie, I became a "troublemaker" because I raised my hand when questions were called for...waited to be called on by Carlo "Ooze" Ganjeh, and asked that awful question that if those were Nimrod's sentiments could he please explain why he had been blocking the installation of the Shumirum Monument in Chicago for five years and counting?

That isn't my personal history up there on the pedestal of Ashurbanipal, the same one that would have gone on the Shumirum...it's OUR history...and written on something beautiful and exotic so as to lure people in closer where they might actually bother ro read what they wont find in any curriculum in this country.

Turns out the Shumirum could have been at work for five years already, at least...doing just the kinds of things those people in Chicago now want to start...after the fire of course. So...what are they gonna do it with...a cake sale? Are they going to hold a Day Of Pride on King Sargon Block? Go door to door telling the rest of the community who they are? And who are they? people who couldn't have cared less to install a "magnificent monument"...Michael Lash's words...in a prestigious location two blocks from the really world famous Oriental Institute where people from all nations would have seen it and read the history and become ambassadors for us on their travels. What do they have to put in its place? And the damn thing was all paid for too.

I don't think my work is "personal" at all...not the way the fellow meant it. Is a surgeon doing "his thing" when he saves your kid's life? maybe...but did you not get any benefit from it. let's say I'm the biggest egotistical fat head there ever was...so what? You think the artiists from other ethnic groups have to attain Sainthood first? Was the monument still not welcomed by the city? Does the community still not need public recognition...to educate their fellows so that maybe the next time a Turk or some other fool in a turban does something they wont come burning YOUR churches down?

I own the monument. It sits where it is safe. I did everything I said I would do, fulfilled every obligation I had to those who donated, to the community and the people of Chicago. I made the thing, gave it to the city, they accepted it, gave it a great site that I approved of...and then it all stopped because of Nimrod..but not just him...it took the entire community to make sure the thing stayed blocked. Good job...who says there isn't any community spirit out there? I failed Helen only.

You guys didn't want it...okay by me. I was never interested in praise from you, or anyone else. Sure it would look good on my resume, if I had one, to have a monument in San Francisco AND Chicago. So what? When did I EVER seek your praises...or give a good goddamn what you thought. I did what I thought was right to do. Now you do what you can.

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