To case he calls them in the night and convinces tham that I muat be silenced so HE can play Assyrian.

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Posted by pancho ( on December 31, 2001 at 11:22:45:

I am an ASSYRIAN, my homeland is ASSYRIA, and my language is Neo-Aramaic (Syriac).

***That garbage man you were refering to must have been closer to home than you let on. Your mind is such a jumble that there is no single place to grab a hold of anything...except by the scruff of your neck and give you, and it, a good shaking. But to what end? Who needs you to be "Assyrian" anyway?

What are you going to do for anything Assyrian that one needs bother? But...just to have fun with are NOT Assyrian because you have not a single document that says you are. There IS no Assyria today, so don't come blowing around here about how you were "born in Assyria".

Your comments about compassion and babies and Somalia deserve only contempt.

You are a Christian, plain and simple...says so right there in that designation. If you were Assyrian you would respect and pray to Ashur and work for ANY ONE of his Jews do for any one of theirs. "Assyrian" is made up of two word concepts...ASSUR-YIAN. Now if you insist that you are Assyrian, then it means "follower of Ashur". If you say that isn't necessarily so then remove "Christ" from Christian...and try to tell THEM... "I AM A CHRISTIAN"...anyway and just because I say I am. It matters VERY MUCH which ethical, moral, "religious" system one believes MUST for good GOD you guys go on and on about it enough!!!

You wouldn't do it, even you understand that much "logik".

You're flailing around trying to obscure the issue. You are NOT an Assyrian because you "say you are". That's what you tell Chaldeans. You also have no document that proves you keep asking us Chaldeans to present such documents. The best that can be said about you...and it is the WORST thing YOU say about that you read some history...decided you wanted to be called Assyrian...went on to insist that BECAUSE there HAD BEEN Assyrians ONCE...that your claim to being of them and descended from them...MUST be valid. Then you went on your merry CHRISTIAN way...having no more clue of what an Assyrian is than YOU claim any Chaldean does about being Chaldean.

Is there anything left of you worth tossing out that I missed???

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