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Posted by pancho ( on December 31, 2001 at 12:21:55:

I understand more clearly now than ever why the people I am suing tried to dismantle me, discredit me, break me finacially, break my heart, my spirit, my will...especially that, and the rest of it. I'm not the first one "they" have done this too. They did it because I was becomming a little too prominant, a little too well known and visible out there, AND in our community. These "leaders" all have to come into the community with either lots of cash, or else the time it takes to go around and be "seen". But more than just being seen, they have to be seen as doing something. And that's why they form so many "political" parties...usually made of one guy and his two cousins...all with lofty titles and an avowed purpose of leading this GRAT NAYSHUN somewhere or other...just as soon as they can get away from the Gas Station they all seem to run...when they don't have the money to buy the time that is.

They are no different than all the churches. There isn't a hope in hell of us ever becomming "Unified" the way they all speak of it. What each one of them means is...come "join me". The very nature of our existence in the modern era precludes any chance of that ever happening. We were split up long ago...divided from Ashur first, then into a wild array of boutique religions all claiming to be the one "true" representative of the AUA or Federation claims to be the one true representative of this GRAT PEEPIL.

None of these guys want any sort of unity...unless everyone joins them...and why would anyone so petty as to form a Grand Universal Whatever with three memnbers EVER become sane(?) enough to join ANOTHER group of four guys and their Universal In Your face Assyrin Alliance Inc? We are MADE to divide and and's what we THRIVE on. The call to "unity" is a false one believes just makes it SEEM that each is willing to join together...if everyone else agrees to come over to HIS joint.

We aren't going to ne "Led" out of anything or by anybody...and certainly not by any political party. They all know it...especially the ones who will cry "foul" at this statement. They don't like trade secrets revealed.

But what scares them witless...what has made them turn their venom on me...even to the point of trying to have me banned from television, radio and these that I HAVE done something...something far more grand than they EVER did. And they know it. I don't mean it's the beat thing to have ever happened...far from it...but it is the most VISIBLE and will be the most ENDURING thing among all the rallies and conventions and speeches and politicians they discount of course. They want to be associated with these ventures...they want them identified with THEM..that's why Nimrod doesn't want the Shumirum in Chicago if it doesn't come from HIM...and also why Jackie wanted control of the unveiling of the Shumirum in San Jose...because she wants it associated with HER in your minds and's also why Atour and Janey got me to Mexico and then popped a "contract" on me ( as they did at the convention) before they would send any of the checks they already had, checks they got from people who wanted to BUY MY sculpture...making me hand the Hammurabi over to THEM and have nothing more to do with it...they too wanted to use the Hammurabi as a way of identifying these monumental achievements with THEM.

What makes me, and the monuments, so threatening, and at the same time so desirable to these "leaders", is their very obvious visibility and enduring qualities and...the fact that I will NOT make a group or party and I have said several times that I'm not going to lead anyone anywhere, makes them long to grab the spotlight for THEIR group or themselves. If I make these monuments independently...and I am and have been all along, then I can't be controlled and brought to heel. And if I can't be controlled or seen as "belonging" to somebody or faction, then....I am the most dangerous Assyrian alive.

People DO respond to the monuments and to the other sculptures. You know it's powerful too because of the way certain Assyrians have insulted and denigrated them, me, my family and done everything they could to get me to go "hurt" or embarrass cost me so much that I would simply decide it wasn't worth it. The monuments, the writings, the challenge to Ross, the ability to stand up and speak for and defend this heritage against AQNYONE who wishes to challenge me or it...and to do this without the help of anyone...without NEEDING the support or aid of any organization...and worse, in the face of these organizations and "leaders"...has them fighting for their miserable little turf...their status, their identity.

It isn't that I alone am such a big bad threrat. It's what I represent...that there is a way, besides their dismal ones, to enhance this Heritage, to win it pride of place and recognition...and all the while to NOT form any group around me to push me or any other agenda than the one I set out clearly years ago. These people do NOT want our Heritage to be exalted, to earn the respect it deserves and could, oh so easily, win for itself. I wish you all could have been with me in meetings with the "JEW" and the others who run the Chicago Arts see with what awe and wonder they viewed OUR Art. Any one of you who wanted to be...WAS there with me...and if Nimrod hadn't stepped in, you would have seen how the city would have responded to that monument...the one gathering dust in a warehouse in this Heritage has been gathering dust these many years.

These "leaders" of yours want it to stay just like that...because that's the ONLY way such a shoddy bunch of charlatans could ever hope to fool you all into thinking they had YOUR best interests at heart, when they are servicing themselves...and what scares the holy crap out of them is that they KNOW... and are afraid you will find out... that I am NOT doing the same thing. They are the cops on the "make"...and I'm the one who wont go "down".

And, as if that wasn't enough, I run a real risk of inspiring some out there...not to join me, there is nothing to "join" in that sense...but to look around for themselves and see what can be done...AWAY from all the chasnnels already provided by these organizations from hell...which will use you, frustrate you, then toss you out,,,,with GLEE because you didn't change a damn left them "in power", as they laughingly put it.

There will be no religious or political unity...they don't want it. But there is just a chance that some of us will begin to do things, and the word will spread and in that way there might one day be a "movement"...but it will ask nothing of anyone, there will be no dues, and no don'ts either...there will be no presidents and madam presidents, no plastic awards, NO embarrassing and totally useless letters to shocked and confused world leaders, no banquets, no distinctions, no honors. There will be absolutely NOTHING that motivates and inspires these "leaders" we have now. It will become the strongest movement of them all, the rest will simply fade away because it will be obvious by then who and what and how you get things done.

They know it...they see it coming. That's why they pulled out all stops to get rid of me...and they aren't done yet. But, they are clumsy and none too bright, filled with the arrogance of "little people" who have thought themselves much weightier only because they made certain to surround themselves with dwarfs...shutting out or driving away anyone who was perceived as a threat...and they threaten easily.

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