The sophisticated lies

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Posted by Catch of the day ( on January 01, 2002 at 23:51:21:

Listen to this very interesting and funny tap for a never broadcasted speech of Bush at this address :

You will find it under the title :
"Hot Spots
Tora Bora Gate... latest Bush speech scandal!"

He is a reaction to that tap

"....The point is that the Western technology can fake anything, and every thing, and that we should suspect as false any claim they make, even if it is in the voice and video tap of our parents.
I was surprised when I heard that people in the ME were saying OBL tap was fake, but then the and after the media in the ME started talking about it, the US admitted that they made "mistakes, and omissions" in the OBL's tap translation, because 3 days was not enough time for 3 expert US translators to make an accurate translation of the tap!
The question is how much extra fake stuff did they add to the tap?
We know about the lies of the baby incubators in Kuwait, and the Milk factory in Iraq, the Ameriyah shelter....etc... but what we do not know is how fake where those fuzzy satellite pictures which the US showed to king Fahed, reportedly showing that Iraq was about to invade Saudi Arabia, to make Fahed accept the war on Iraq with no delay, or further thinking.
We do not know how fake is the evidence the spy Butler showed the UN to continue the Sanctions on Iraq, and to authorize the bombing in 1998.....etc...
The West often use a proxy group to spread its lies, so if they get caught they blame it on them, like the Iraqi National Congress, and the daily they make up about Iraq, and which coast the American/English Tax payers millions of Dollars.
If Gorge Bush speech can be faked so well, and by none experts, do you think the Western technology can not fake any and every thing else ?
Just look at Hollywood movies, and see what they can do.
The problem is the people in the ME who listen to the Voice of America, BBC...are not capable of knowing what technology can do, and frankly, neither was I, before I listened to this tap.

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