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Posted by pancho ( on January 05, 2002 at 13:49:10:

What did you say? "the Iraqi people are trying to defend what is left of ńssyria"? Are you for real?

)))))That's right big boy. Are you saying the United States is defending Freedom over there.

Parhad, it has been the Iraqi government that has been robbing Assyrians from day one of the Iraqi State inception in 1921. It was the Shammar Iraqi tribes who looted Assyrian homes and villages in 1933 in north of Iraq. It was the Iraqi army that massacred thousands of Assyrians then and continued with its oppression policies till this very day. It is the Iraqi government that is forcing Arabization policies on the Assyrians. It is the Iraqis who are steeling Assyrian artifacts and selling them in the black market to greedy merchants.

((((If what you are saying is true...and that's a big problem with you...then I can assume you think anyone who steals and robs and kills and bombs and poisons water and uses depleted uranium and steals oil and other treasures and watches children starve and starves them for 12 years and brags about it...anyone who does these things means the Assyrian and Iraqi people harm...RIGHT. Because their bombs aren't smart enough to only blow up Moslems...they kill Assyrians too and Christians.

We aren't talking about "Selective Atrocities" least I'm not...but that's how you got your "expertise" picking and choosing your boogers.

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