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Posted by parhad ( on October 04, 2001 at 12:31:34:


For cryin' out loud, Fred Parhad spends all his free time, and he apparently has much of it, cruising the Assyrian message boards and slamming, insulting and slandering everyone and his brother.

Are you telling me that I can't return the favor ? C'MON!

Why is it a bad thing when Mar Polous Tleeqa slams Fred Parhad - yet no one hears a peep from you when Fred Parhad slams John Nimrod, Jackie Bejan, Atour Golani, George Stifo, Jesus Christ, Peter BetBasso, Raman, Hanna Hajjar, Moses, Ghassan Hanna, The Pope, Mar Dinkha....and the list goes on and on and on....

>>>The simple answer, custom made for Simpletons is...that Fred parhad is not allowed to answer you where you strut your stuff...and though you claim to want to 'answer" Fred parhad and tell him off and show him up for what he refuse to do it to his face, or with your own name, or where he can answer you. You hide there, where Fred Parhad can't get to you and so you think people will believe that there was NOTHING he could think to answer you with. Like I said, your own actions and words shoot you down much better than Fred Parhad could ever hope to do.

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