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Posted by pancho ( on January 07, 2002 at 10:26:37:

In Reply to: Fred Parhad posted by Shapira on January 07, 2002 at 01:50:32:

: Is there anybody out there who could tell me if this parhad is A caldean or Assyrian Or may be both or non of them , Is he an Iraqi agent or Iraqi lover ?
: so far by studing his Forum

######Now just a minute...hold on there. I dont STUD anywhere and for anybody. I resent that highly. You cant have a discussion around here without somebody getting nasty all over the place.

I don't know who is who at his Zoo!
: Why he care's so much what u.s.a. is or will be doing with Iraq or its ugly leader . if he is worring about Assyrians he know's better than any body else what Iraqi goverment has done or will do with Assyrians !

######I know that Iraq took in the Assyrians escaping from Urmia...escaping other Moslem nuts...while several Moslems helped family was there. I know King Feisal welcomed us, said we were brothers and could live in peace. I know the British Christians used us to fight the Iraqis, who wanted them out...I know many in our community in Iraq tried to warn the others that they would just be betrayed they had recently been...I know they didnt listen and ARMED THEMSELVES, OR RATHER REFUSED TO TURN IN THE WEAPONS THE BRITS HAD SET THEM UP WITH. I also know that any government will not tolerate a minority arming itself and refusing to obey the laws of that State. I know we again paid a heavy price for trusting in our co-religionists...who have ever and always betrayed they are now again bombing and killing our people and looting our treasures....

: the hell with Sadam's goverment and other dictators !

###Couldnt agree more.

: this parhad Guy should know Assyrians from Iran are The
: largest source of help to their fellow Assyrians in Iraq!

#####Not true. Narsai David was born in Gary Indiana....many Assyrians and Chaldeans are helping who arent from Iran.

: He should shut his big mouth and not to say anything bad about Jackie or others !


: we all know how much she has helped Assyrians in Iraq and yet he dare's to sue her!

#####That is only a recent thing with her. Many a time she told me Narsai was a fool for helping the Aid Society...that was when she was enamoured of Father Benny and all she had time for were the dear little Assyrians of Georgia. I was as surprised as anyone when she dumped him and switched to being a lover of the Assyrians in Iraq. Jackie, and those themselves. We benefit THEM, not the other way around.

: what he has done for Assyrians in Iraq? except selling his Art to American Assyrians for A high price!

###How do you know its a high price...ever bought any original bronze sculpture? I donated pieces to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Aid of them could still be on Jackie{s desk for all I know. I also allow them to use photographs of my work on their calendar and would do much more besides if asked.

: Fuck you parhad along with your Puppet Jeffy boy!

###Your sexual preferences are not our concern. There are plenty of men and boys I am sure, willing to be so treated by you. I suggest you fullfil your fantasies somewhere else.

By the way, when you find a suitable name, come back again...Shapira hardly describes you.
: long live u.s.a.
: Down with Sadam's goverment.

###Long live the USA indeed...and soon may she find a way to rid herself of these madmen who can never get enough money but they must kill children around the world for a buck. That isn{t what the United States is all about. As to dictators...I agree with you...let the U.S. get its pet bully out of Iraq...I should think he deserves a rest for the good work he has done for the Bushes et al. Maybe next time, the United States will actually get a president elected by the people.


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