Re: Fred Parhad, Jeffi boy and Sam D.

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Posted by Savana ( on January 07, 2002 at 20:46:47:

Fred Parhad ! Iraqi with Iranian name! very strange It does't blend or mix or agree. I know them both,. if they both were christian or jews or ....but Moslems , they would be one of the first world countries .
fred, when I wrote Fuck you ! not by me don't give yourself a credit I am A valantino ,lover of lovely women , rich, handsome and Highly educated, by proffesion a mechanical engineer ofcourse with A degree, and also a reader of lots of books in many different languages. now an Antique dealer by trade I know all about art and your kind!
The England or I do not know what you mean by Brittish Christian ? actualy fooled those simple minded
Assyrians under a Jewish name (levy or levies)to fight for Iraq against the Turks because the Iraqi Arabs said no moslem will kill another moslem brother !
you should always remember king fisal or the other assholes, (Iraqi leaders)they did or do us no faver that is our home which is been taken from us!
But when the turks and kurds were murdering peasefull and unarmed Assyrian , they were given refuge by Iranians (they did not have to!)So, do not blame them
for not giving their arms to Iraqi Goverment!
and also you should know Simitghou the kurdish leader
the murderer of our "Pateryarka" was arested , excuted and dragged bihind A horse by Iranian commander.
For your information there has never been an election in this country , president bush next to president kennedy is the second president not selected by Freemasons but patriak Americans and you should take your bushito story and stick it up the Jeffi boy's ass.
any way be nice to Assyrians and Mar Denkha do not call yourself A Mar( refer to your Mar Pancho)in return I will introduce you to those rich Iranians , you are A good artist and your art match persian's History you will be making more money may be beyond your dreams! If you agree I heared you live in "Mehico"
(no wonder you don't blend with Assyrians because you smell like Buritto in Conventions)Say yes I do , I travell a lot for Auctions so I can find you and meet you Some where in Mehico or your Canteen! at the end to make you a bit happier I will call myself Savana.
Now you Jeffi boy , you know you are luckier than I am ? Because you can kiss my Ass but I can't !
you are wrong I am not a coward I just don't want phone calls from Ass kissers.
And you Sam D. yes you are right Sadam has sugar Dadies ! they are those idiot Communist countries leaders, not Good hearth and brave Americans!

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