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Posted by Jeff ( on January 08, 2002 at 11:31:10:

In Reply to: Jeffi boy posted by Shapira on January 07, 2002 at 23:29:41:

: Jeffi boy! See, that's why I call you jeffi boy , you jump quick and get excited very EeeeZeee because you are not grown up yet,it take's alot to be a man!

>>>Money doesn't make you a man... nor does it make you intelligent.

: you should respect me,because I am writting to you , you should be proud , one of these days when you get to know me you will be one of my ASS kissers , believe me.

>>> Money doesn't earn you respect outside of our community... you are nothing to me. You are not a man, and you have no class.

: I did not show off I just gave a chance to your master to know who is he dealing with ,if he agree's with my terms ,becomes a christian and respects The Assyrians and Mar Denkha I can make better changes for him and his unstable biusiness!

>>> Do you fools see everything in terms of business and money? Are you so empty of thought?

: Beides I know you thru what they say that your are poncho's pet or a patch on his bottttt!

>>> You are a coward. I'll say it again: you are a coward. Who are "they"? And learn how to spell dammit!

: so sometimes I ejoy to use bad language just like you and your master fred Parhad , Jeffi boy go fuck yourself is better than when you try to have a wemon over the E-Mail or try to fool some smart girl like CampFire Hero over your Master's Forum .

>>> Campfire hero.... you are saying that I fooled her? I don't know what you are saying. You are nothing but a little "bitch". How's that for your language? You are so small-minded... a poor rich man.

: There are lots of prety white trash out there in the streets will do anything for green money , leave Assyrian girls alone unless you want to marry one and have respect for your master's Forum lest he stop's throwing bone for you Dick Head.

>>> Here's some more vulgarity: You are the opposite of Shapira, your words tell me that much.....


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