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Posted by pancho ( on January 09, 2002 at 17:45:49:

The Geeks forced themselves into Geek Love by not allowing their women to rise above the status of cows and mules. Every once in a while an exceptional woman turned the tables on them and excelled at anything she could lay her hands on, including them males.

The Amazons were my kind of women. Legend says they cut off one breast so as to give free reign to their bowstrings. They watched over the boys, keeping the ones who would appear to be tractable and eating the rest. They kept all girl babies alive...which is just fine considering that for eons most people buried girl babies alive.

I think they would have kept me alive...kept me for breeding purposes, and really, what do men do with women. Ever consider that there has been a sort of selective breeding of females for centuries? Every capable, wise, unwilling to be cowed woman was deliberately passed over as a mate...what man could hope to cope, the dope. The IDEAL woman, the DESIRABLE woman would be built like a brood mare or cow...big udders, fat ass, and stupid enough to hide her mates stupidity.

You try that for years and centuries and see where it gets you...and those were the women raising the boys too...and breaking their daughters feet and leaving them exposed on hillsides or helping bury them, or hold them while their genitals were cut with dull knives or broken glass and sewn shut.

You will never see a neurotic squirrel, or a lion unsure of himself, or a hawk that doesnt know who she is...thats because they figured out long ago how to raise their young. The female in the animal kingdom sits back and lets the competing males make fools of themselves, then she chooses the least obnoxious one...the one most likely to produce the healthiest offspring. We humans pick the worst possible ones to mate with and then wonder why junior wants to salute the flag over the corpse of his father.

When Nixon was openning up China in the 70s so you could have cheap tennis shoes in the 90s...the same government and media were still scaring the crap out of you all with horror stories of communist China and all of that. They knew damn well what they were doing...and they are at it again. God Bless stupidity, without it where would you all beeee.

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