Fatheads Unite...UP ASSYRIA!!!

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Posted by pancho ( on January 10, 2002 at 10:33:44:

Great suggestion...lets ignore Gassamn, lets ignore Nimrod, lets ignore Bush, lets ignore Saddam, lets ignore the entire world, then PROTEST when things dont go our way.

The Gassman is a boil on the butt of Life. As such he should be popped. I give him a squeeze every now and then. He writes to himself for the most part...then argues with the points he raised. As for Amer Fathead...if there is ONE clown who can match the Gassman its that jerk. Assyrianism, whatever that is, never had two better friends than the Gassman and the Fathead.

Old Fathead even adds three leters to his name making him a titled fathead. When asked what they were he replied it was some distinction he had earned as an International Critic of Art. Bull!! I wrote to the same company that handed him his credetnial...they run their business out of a brothel in Paris and for fifty bucks you too can be accredited by them. And this is the same damnfool that tried to copyright the CHALDEAN FLAG!!

If there is such a thing its only been in the public domain for three million years...copyright my arse. He also insisted I change the Assyrianism symbol on the back of Hammurabis throne...yes I KNOW Hammurabi wasnt Assyrian!!! He said the winged disk with the god and bow was a symbol of Ashur...that it was a PLOT by a PERSIAN ???? I told the idiot I was born in Baghdad!

Anyway, he insisted that I put the symbol of Shamash...the CHALDEAN god on there instead. Turns out what he calls the symbol of Chaldeans is what Assyrians call the Star of Ishtar...so what the hell...made no difference to me...I made the change. Then he got cocky...he has one...and wanted me to change other things and I flatened him out in front of the Chaldeans there that night...actually I just raised my voice a little and he laid down flat all by hisself.

Do you need any more proof that we cant possibly be descended from the ancient Assyrians than the kind of cowardly behavior that is suposed to pass as ASSYRIAN these days? That is why I hold out the hope that Christianity eviscerated, gelded and lobotomized us...how else do you explain such a passle of fatheads and nincompoops with every once in a while one or two guys who can spell their own names correctly passing themselves off as ASSYRIANS???

It is a puzzlement.

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