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Posted by pancho ( on January 10, 2002 at 19:25:09:

Are you guys plain crazy or what? Why the hell shouldn´t the Turks make a movie about one of their heroes? Do you think George Washington wouldn´t have been hanged from the nearest tree if the British had caught him...or Abe Lincoln tried as a War Crimminal if the South had won the Civil War?

Can you be so selectively ëducated¨if that´s the right word?

The Europeans made no secret about wanting to dismember Turkey and gobble up all those oil know, the ones they are still killing us for? What were the Turks supposed to the gates and give up? Ataturk came in with the Young Turks and tried to rouse his lethargic countrymen to make a defiant stand...and it was only natural for him to distrust the Christians within his own country...especially the Armenians.

How do you think America would feel now towards Moslems in America if several Moslem nations began talking about dismembering it...calling it the ¨Sick man of North America¨? You already have a partial answer....look at what they did to us darkies after 911 even though we wore THE DAMN CROSS!!!

The Europeans have been shedding each others blood for as long as anyone can remember...and they cast a covetous eye everywhere they could get to...the MidEast, name it. The Turks had every right to defend themselves and if you think only Turks kill innocent Assyrians...refer to the United Nations report wherein you will see that others also kill Assyrians...children too...and they are Christians about that!!!

What is our excuse for ignoring the obvious...for playing word games with reports and playing the blame game while innocent Assyrians get killed and our homelands are know what OUR reason is??? We actually think we´ll get the country back...if only Saddam kills enough people to ¨disgust¨and ¨shock¨the good clean American fellow Christians into giving the country to US. Talk about NUTS!!!

For this reason, and this reason alone several supposed Assyrians back the Sanctions and think nothing of a few more dead Assyrians because they might get a country...fat chance and fat heads. Saddam is really THEIR friend because they think he will hand the country over to them, or cause it to be given to them along with a months supply of Food Stamps. It is AMERICA that sets him up and eggs him it does Israel.


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