A Goner at aina

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Posted by pancho ( on January 14, 2002 at 14:15:40:

You can understand with what glee these Christian TRUE Assyrians greet these grim statistics...this is the ONLY way they can think of to get back THEIR country. Living in the United States, Australia and Europe...trying like hell to be good citizens of those countries, trying like hell to become citizens of those countries, paying taxes and all of that...they have no other hope but to shout encouragement and cheer on the murderous bastards sent over there to do the actual killing...meanwhile raising pious pleas to heaven about what TRUE Christians they are...running for cover every time a trail of blood leads to the doorstep they shared but a moment ago with a FALSE Christian.

This is what the remainder of the GLORIOUS ASSYRIAN PEOPLE has come to...the murder by starvation of children as a means of winning back a GRAT COUNTRY!

This is Christian stuff and nonsense...throughout history there is PLENTY of evidence of Christians burning alive women and children, breaking bones, using thumb screws, using rape and torture of unspeakable kinds...and not ONE instance of Assyrians, the real kind, ever doing such a thing.

Whereas the Jews, the forefathers of your Jesus, would kill every living thing in a village...the Assyrians would punish and even flay alive (refer to Christian NAZI human lampsahdes of only 50 years NOT 3000 years ago, made not from rebellious enemies but Jewish CHILDREN)one or two or ten RESPONSIBLE parties...would offer peace to those who would accept it...took prisoners captive and fed royal families at their own expense when no one would have been surprised if they´d slaughtered them all.

Where is Andreas when you need Christians defended and Assyrians put down?

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