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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 10:58PM :

Can Peter be saying that he's tired of watching the same posts go crawling by the live long year. Only watching paint dry compares with the "excitement" of regurjitated postings at aina...the "name game"...the "facts" game...the "REAL facts" game, the "REAL TRUE FACTS" game...the Hysteria game...the Mar Ones and Mar Twos game...and on and on like a forum in Wonderland where Peter Rabbit Jassim fluffs his tail every once in a while and disappears into the wrong hole EVERY time.

...First, your own quote does not support your position. It does not say that the Assyrian new year begins on the first new moon. How do you conclude that the Assyrian year starts on the first new moon?

I have already answered this question a hundred times in previous posts. Do you understand English? You only show us your thickness by refusing to understand something when it is explained to you.

Here it is again:

When does the Assyrian New Year begin? March 20th or April 1st? The answer is both. March 20 marks the beginning of spring (the Vernal Equinox), which marked the beginning of the Assyrian new year in the calendar our great forefathers used. April 1st also marked the beginning of the new year. How? Simply, April 1st was movable, and the month of April (Neesan) began when the new year began (the Vernal Equinox begins at a slightly different time each year).

Is that clear? Do you need it said in Assyrian?

+++Try Duracelleze.

-- panch
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