The Non-White Dilemna

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 8:29AM :

In Reply to: The American calamity posted by Turkish delight from ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 11:39PM :

For all of those decades we Darkies have been coming here we've tried to fit ourselves into a White strait relieved to be allowed out of those despotic nations and into this "free" one, we never get over it...and seem to want to be the ever gracious guests we were all taught to be.

We always make this mistake when dealing with the White Man...we assume he is as civilized and understanding, compassionate and thoughtful as we are...that's why we endure Tyrannical regimes back home...we are just plain "too polite" to protest anything. Coming to America and not being immediately subjected to the same kind of overt governmental abuses we suffered back home...where we didn't dare complain, we land here...where we consider it "impolite" to complain.

That may do for the older ones who straddle both cultures, but our young people don't have that same view and the more we groom them for success in this country, the less likely are they to endure circumstancers they feel are not right...for they have to believe they are at some point real and legal Americans...of foreign ancestry it's true, just as much as the Scottish or Dutch kid hails from some other place. But those descended from the White Christians of Europe come from a background of almost unbridled violence and theft of the lands of others...their ancestry IS violence and robbery, after all, they first settled this place.

If we darkies EVER want to be full citizens, without getting a paint job, we are going to have to make our culture, our ancestry, a known entity here, and I don't mean kebobs and I sure as hell don't mean cheap knock-offs of "Grat Organs" headed by Grat Asses... and not a little secret we smother at birth.

So far we are legal and permanent guest workers with the legal right to remain and work our asses off. The fact that we too can sit anywhere in a restaurant or order lattes like any other White person just means the restaurants and coffee shops value our money...when push comes to shove, they'll raid our homes and businesses and march us off to jail.

We are easily fooled by "looks" like we are full citizens...but we aren't. And not until we really join in the culture of this country will we have EARNED that right. As for now, our children are encouraged to blend in, to not draw attention to themselves, to be thrilled if they pass for white (with red hair no less). Blacks were ALWAYS matter if they were one thirty second part Black...and we will always be A-rabs and "Ferners"...when they need us to be....when their collective guilt at the way they treat Darkies backfires on them.

The Monuments were supposed to do teach people about us, our lay claim DEMAND an equal place in the sun, to give OUR children something of their own to place in public with pride, just as if we were really Americans and not merely tax paying guest workers who could vote for one or the other jerk...and buy that German Army Staff Car.

Thank your Leeders...Jackie and Dimrod and the Pygmy of Assyria, Atour Golani.

Of course it was my fault...YOU bend over to people like these, you'll have to excuse me.

-- panch
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