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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 9:01AM :

I don't mean for all the raped and groped and semened children...I mean for hounding the Jews out of Europe after 1000 years of trying to murder every last of them. From the pulpits of their churches they have been preaching for centuries that the Jews killed A JEW! Big friggin deal, if they HAD! Are they the only ones to ever have killed one of their own?

But the final disgusting irony is that they didn't do it. It was the Romans who nailed him they'd been doing to thousands of traitors...and to them that's all he was, just another nut case. By one of the greatest ironies imaginable that same Roman Empire turned CHRISTIAN! Now, you'll think it was a sure fire miracle...but it wasn't. It was brilliant. Anyway, how is the Holy ROMAN Church going to take responsibility for being decended from the people who really killed Christ...the Romans? It was better for the franchise, all the way around, to blame it on the torment them for centuries just to prove that their torments were what they could expect for "rejecting" Christ. They didn't reject him fer chrissakes...his disciples, his friends his family his followers and all "converts" for the first 70 years were ALL JEWS!!!

There is no other explanation for the Jews of Europe refusing to re-settle in Europe after the War than the fact that they felt a trifle "unwelcome". How were they to know back then that ANOTHER nut wouldn't show up and finish them off for real? It had only been a few years between the two World Wars and they had seen themselves blamed for BOTH wars as well as the economic conditions of the world. It was Catholic insanity and frenzy that whipped up violence against the Jews...any wonder they went crazy too, contemplating and defending themselves against the ridiculous charges levelled at them? How could they ever be reassured that in another ten or twenty years another crusade wouldn't be launched to kill them all off...after all the early Bolsheviks Hitler AND America and Euriope all hated so much and were so afraid of were thought to be all was a Jewish intellectual thing, just as psychiatry was that "Jew Science".

Under those circumstances the survivors can be forgiven for not wanting to return to Berlin and Warsaw and Rome and Paris. But there was no good reason for them to agree to be resettled in Argentina or Brazil either...hell there were even MORE Catholics in those countries and they would just be split up among several cause no one wanted all them Jews sent to any one country. They would again be scattered and cut off, open to the whole dismal set of slanders they'd suffered for centuries.

There was no palatable alternative EXCEPT to gather together for strength and comfort...and in their original Homeland. I can understand that perfectly well...and their feeling that Palestine was about as much a potential "home" for them, fraught with perhaps less peril, for after all the Jews had received the best treatment anywhere in Muslim lands, than any Catholic country anywhere.

Trouble was, dividing Palestine in half to create a Jewish state didn't give them much land and they fully expected to receive Jews from around the refugees but also to grow a robust country. But the biggest liability was that the Jews of Europe were racists in their own right, and to them a dirty Arab was a dirty Arab. Second class citizens, poor white trash, need a nigger to put down lower than they are put down.

The Palestinians, weird darkies, Wogs and sub-humans to the European Jews, as blond and blue eyed as any Aryans...weren't really people...their rights and families and babaies didn't really need to be respected. It wasn't as if Palestinian Jews moved into Palestine. Think of Europeans used to the comforts and culture of Vienna moving to the desert in 1920.

Israel would have to expand its borders, as it has steadily been doing. And thank GOD the Palestinians resented it, think the Israelis, and fought back...because without that, what would the Israelis have had for an excuse? Just as today they use the Settlements to provoke incidents that justify Israeli retaliation with all the added hardships and humiliation and incidentally lead to the seizure and securing of more land...and so on and so forth.

Rabin they killed themselves because he was poised to return land and that is a major crime to an Israeli. So Sharon took a stroll to Al Aqsa, and coupled with all the other systematic indignities heaped on them, the Palestinians reacted predictably, much to Sharon's relief and we were off and running on another cycle.

At the end of this will come more hatred and violence towards Americans, which Bush and the Religious Right will welcome because that way re-election lies.

Thank you Catholic teaching and preaching. The only consolation is that Israeli troops are attacking Bethlehem...a fitting return for all the violence this religion of "peace" has spawned. I feel sick.

-- panch
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