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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 9:30AM :

You can see how America responds to one of its own it suspects of maybe thinking about possibly killing another American, or participating in any actions that might lead to another American or American property getting blown up. They don't like it.

Now think of how Iraqis must feel towards anyone from Iraq who comes to America and does anything, says anything, pays for anything, joins any Army that plans to do anything to blow up Iraqis or Iraqi property or attack Iraq. Think of the Gassman, the Drag Queen of Chaldea, developing weapons of mass destruction for Kaiser and the Pentagon to be used against his "dear" motherfuckedland. No wonder he bleats and bellows so.

These heroes of ours who come to America and rant and rave and eagerly anticipate the destruction of their land of birth and origin deserve the same treatment from the Iraqis as John Lindh is getting from the Americans. A traitor is a triator. This is something we have never grasped because we think the land BELONGS to if American Natives, or anyone, got anywhere with that argument, and their lands were stolen a mere few years ago.

You can see that Lindh's parents are scared...isolated and probably shunned by neighbors and "friends". Yet these heroes of our expect their own families and their religion, the one shared by the people killing Iraq, to be cherished and protected back home...they expect no retaliation against them for their stupid behavior here.

These guys maintain that they must use anonymouse names because they are in "danger" and fear for "loved" ones back home who might be harmed. They make it appear that they are in America engaged in great and noble enterprises, writing books or participating in seminars, conducting classes and for being so outspoken and effective...for simply pursuing "truth" and "justice" they are forced to live in fear of secret agents and retaliation against family back home.


They make asses of themselves here, spread lies, not "facts"...villify their country of origin and our Holy Land (NOT Israel) because no one will give it to spread the kinds of misinformation that can justify an American in wanting to blow those lands up...because no one will give these Assrin Implements a damn thing...except at their local Welfare office.

They give their cowardice and duplicity a noble and lofty sounding purpose, pretend they are "freedom fighters" when they are Free Loaders...imagine someone somewhere just HAS to silence them...and that their families back home live in dread because their ass of a kid over here might win the Nobel Peace Prize, fer chrissakes, for which Saddam will jail them all.

These heroes of Assyria are cowards and liars, hiding behind the skirts they have ever hidden behind. They have no good reason to remain anonymouse, except that they are.

All they have to fear, and it is a considerable threat, is a rolling pin upside their pointy heads from the beefy arm of a Mother of Assyria.

-- panch
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