If The Catholic Church Were Assyrian

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 9:50AM :

For one thing we sure as hell wouldn't be owning up to the Palaces of Pedophilia the Church runs...or the Bishops who act the part of pimps and panderers by thoughtfully rotating fornicating fuckers around so they can get fresh meat...variety is the spice you know.

If it had been up to us, we would have continued to stonewall...to deny, to punish anyone who dared go public. The Church did just that, but the lay people (love that) got tired of shelling out millions from the "poor box" which was indeed risking poverty, for the abuses of the priests. I don't think anyone really minded the children being "opened up" to new things...of touching the hard reality of a "God made flesh"...sorry, couldn't resist...the DEVIL made me do it!

To their credit they did try to cover it up...more than they ever tried to cover their privates...DAMN, sorry! But when it spilled out,shit!! Sorry...they had to come clean...SORRY!!!

No one gave a damn for the children...fuck them! Oops! Those responsible just circulated the priests hoping to maintain the franchise, to keep it up as long as they could...Oh GEEZ!!!

Look...I think you get the point...DAMN!....I think I better quit and pull out...Hell!...before I make it worse...you know what I mean, I think I better get off now...OH I give UP!!!

-- panch
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