In Which Jackie's Pooter Gets A Lawyer....

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 1:14PM :

It's getting to be a regular thing. I come home early of a morning to find a guy lurking in the bushes...he jumps up, says, "Fred Parhad, I presume"? To which I answer in the affirmitive, whereupon he hands me an increasingly thicker manilla envelope stuffed with the Jacksters most recent complaints.

You have to remember that Lawyers need money too and if you want to pay them thousands of dollars to fill out papers claiming that the Moon disturbs your sleep, they'll do it gladly, even when they know all along the thing will get tosed out after the judge gets done laughing.

The Jackster has used this tactic before...of intimidating people and cowing them into silence. She did it to John Pirali when she learned I was to appear on his TV show "Sharrokeen". She called DEMANDING he hand over all the tapes he'd made of interviews with me( you should se 'em), or else her lawyer would be "contactng him". John very prudently said there was no need to trouble herself, if she just told him where she'd like them sent, he would comply. A few days later comes a letter from the same guy she pays to annoy me, saying that he MUST have those tapes IMMEDIATELY. John calls HIM and says not to trouble himself further, "just tell me where you want them and I'll send them". That was four months ago and no one has given John any address to send the tapes to...that's because the tapes aren't the point...and her lawyer knows full well she has no legal right to demand them...the whole point is to scare John...and by extension the rest of us. Tamper with Jackie and she'll sic a lawyer on you...if you complain about anything she does to harm you in any way she feels entitled to.

In the new complaint filed I am being served with what they claim SHOULD be a restraining Order. Their asking for one isn't a law's just a $1000 "job" Jackie gave to her lawyer. He'd have sent out the same complaint to anyone else she told him "bothered" her. No judge is gonna grant any such thing...I just don't have the time or money to get some other lawyer to tell her to get court that is.

To bolster her case that I am hounding and fretting her, she says I made threats against her and her family...children included (we'll post this stuff for you all to see). I think what she is refering to is the post I placed under her name, saying "I know where you live". As any sane person knows I wrote that in response to someone elses comment that Jackie was behaving like an idiot. I placed that there to imply that she would come looking for anyone who maligned her malignant self...and guess she COMES!

The complaint lists her children BY NAME...middle names too, just to make sure we know which children I'm threatening, and her husband Lincoln. Now I like Lincoln, he's a big strapping fellow who looks like he can take care of himself. I didn't realize I was scaring him too.

She also describes one of her Benz's, I can't remember why, down to its color. I don't think she mentions the price but I wasn't paying that much attention to the car part.

What was delightful was her claim that she has lost sleep, and never knows when she wakes up, what part of "her anatomy" I will be discussing next.

Now, let me see...I've mentioned her Tits, Ass and suppose she lives in mortal dread of my refering to her knees too? Just a note...I don't like "cunt" or vagina. Too crass sounding. I like "pooter"...sounds friendly, like something Walt Disney would come up with. Penis is also less than about "petey"? "Pooter, meet petey...petey, pooter" that something to sue people over...especially when we all have peteys and pooters?

What if I no longer called Jackie by that name...what if I called her "Whacky" instead? And what if I called her cunt, "pooter" and her Tits, "Bits"...and her ass, "sass"? What if I then wrote that, " A Whacky broad gave me her two bits worth, tossed her sass my way and got urined when I pased on her pooter"? Is THAT slander and whatever? Is a court gonna get involved in this juevenile crap?

In the complaint the lawyer tips his hand by saying these things I have said are NOT covered by constitutional guarantees...oh but they are. Jackster is in the public eye...she is a president of her own Club...she goes on television repeatdly to hump herself and promote herself and tell you all how much she does for Assyria. The same standard applies to her as applies to anyone else who seeks publicity and therefor forfeits a certain amoung privacy WILLINGLY. The courts have repeatedly said that you can't have it both ways, you can't seek all the benefits of public exposure and then cry foul when you get back some inevitable disparagement...even lewd stuff, if it is true OR just rumor.

This business about usng lewd speech is a non-starter as well. The internet is not a place where your feelings are protected by anyone. Slander is only meaningful if it causes you financial harm or real stress...even as egregious and outrageous as it might be, it is still protected Larry Flynt proved when he won before the Supreme Court. Satire is protected speech in a democracy. In my case I don't even use satire...I am saying what I think Jackie was doing and why she reacted the way she did. There is no other way to explain her turnaround two weeks before the convention OR this bizarre thing she is into where she is bound and determined to stifle me and ruin me financially. This is classicly the "wounded pooter" syndrome and she uses her money like her get her way. Let her lose all the sleep she wants to and live in dread of her "anatomy"...lord knows she scared me with it often anough.

As to the harming her children part...that is simply not true. I have to trust people to figure that out for themselves. Though I will say that she and the Pygmy of Assyria went about harming my children. By shutting me down they essentially caused me to be fired from my work for not bending over for them...and that certainly has harmed my children's welfare. There is something else...I haven't the time or resources to fight this silly battle in the courts...maybe if we push it far enough it will become a test case for the ACLU and THEN I'll get some serious legal help. I have much more serious things to attend to.

I am 54 years old...I have been working as a professional sculptor for 25 years...most of that time studying and making Assyrian sculpture...getting monuments built and funded, and installed when Assrin leeders don't get in the way. In the time left there is real work for me to do, although if I want to do it for and in our community, I am going to need some support. I should think we would value what I have to offer us a LITTLE.

You can find an adenoidal, high strung, overly ambitious, back-stabbing, lying and cheating leeder anywhere, at any street corner. These people are this way by nature anyway and whether or not they ever come to work for "us", would be the same dumb bastards they would have been if we never heard of them. It took no special training to produce a hours spent refining or honing anything... On the takes hours and years of work to produce an Assyrian sculptor. Not a goddanmn thing Jackie or John or Atour Golani does for "us" will ever be known or remembered or seen by anybody and not a single one of them is an "Assyrian" thing.

I can make another monument in the coming year and place it in a city anywhere. I think that's a far better use of my time...Jackies private parts be damned. I am forced to continue in this vein however just to show the rest of us, and these leeders from hell...that they are not immune...that neither their conviction that we are all apathetic cowards, or that their money will buy them protection from the consequnces of their misdeeds, will do any longer. I let a whole lot of things slide before fighting back. Anyone who treats fairly with me has nothing to worry about for it helps me not at all to make enemies in this looney bin, unless I have to. And I DID have to.

I have another serious task ahead, and that is to convince at least my own three lovely full blooded Assyrian children that it is indeed a worthwhile and rewarding thing to get involved in our Heritage in serious ways...inspite of what they have seen me put through and what they have had to personally suffer at the hands of these Goons of Assyria. My children HAVE been harmed...their means of livlihood HAS been hurt...their parent WAS threatened with physical harm...the things Jackie alleges have happened to her SHE did to me and others, and still does.

It was only by chance that I saw the letters she sent to people in Detroit and Canada...and who knows where which she lied about me in order to ruin my work...just as Dimrod did, and who knows who else...Sarguis and Gassman too.

They are madder than demented wet hens because I fought back and in public, regardless of the worst they could do...and in Jackie's case, because I don't give a damn how many lawyers she buys.

These leeders will all have to learn the hard way that you can't silence an artist, and every attempt you make will only backfire. It is my RIGHT to say what happened between us AND my FEELINGS about what happened between us. If she gets the fan tods, that's her problem...I am NOT harming her ability to make a living, as she harmed mine. Telling the truth does indeed make people uncomfortable and I don't doubt that she feels great stress and having her privates paraded around from Africa to Denmark...but that's the way it goes.

Children were telling the truth about the priests that molested them and everyone hushed it up and made the children feel it was THEIR error in judgement...that they were mistaken, or should be silenced if not keep quiet on their...even then the Church used its power and the fear and awe it inspires to keep from being exposed...all the time shutting its eyes while several more children got gropped and popped by these priests. I ain't no child.

One last parting shot, for now. Jackie told me that Dr. Ron Michaels, a neurosurgeon in Chicago tried to get her up to his room at the state convention in Long Beach. She said he wanted to treat her to "room service". I could care less if that happened or not...but coupled with other things she told me, in "strictest private"...I was becoming more and more convinced that she has done this to all of us...said little things "in private" about others, leaving us with information we'd rather not know...helping us to form "opinions" about people, even when we know we shouldn't.

She'd also done this in another instance that I don't want to mention names in because they have been hurt by her enough. I checked the "facts" in that case, and what I found led me to ask Ron point blank, if such an incident had ever occured. Not only had it NOT...but he went on to say that he had taken to refusing to accept calls from Jackie any longer telling him her marital woes...and how he must surely "need someone".

Ask her to deny it. Or better yet, wait till I get handed another supoena and a complaint. I wish I was her lawyer instead of an Assyrian sculptor...nah!

-- panch
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