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Posted by Jackie Bejan from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 1:51PM :

The reason I am bringing all these petitions against Fred, and it isn't easy thinking up these things and they DO cost...is because I can't come up with a single good reason to deny his request to join my Club. I mean I know we have a huge banner outside saying "COME JOIN US, WELCOME"...and I know I say over and over about how this is "your" home...come be a part of me, and all of that. And even though there is a tiny little clause that lets me deny him membership because he isn't a resident of the county, the ugly little truth is that I'm not sure we have waived that requirement in the past...or that I wouldn't be THRILLED if it were someone else and I could go on television and tell everyone how humbled I was that people from OTHER counties wanted to come all the way over and join little old me.

If I can prove to everyone that Fred is dangerous, that he even wants to harm my children and my husband and my car...then he can't come within twenty feet of me...and I'll just move into my Clubhouse and he can never come and THEN he wont force me to let him in OR force me to get a hernia trying to find some excuse to keep him out.

How am I gonna explain to everyone that I don't want him here because people might ask him for HIS side of the story? What was the point of keeping him out of the convention...making him have to agree not to mention me or the Federation, only to have him show up at my Club after all?

And what if he goes and gets that stupid statue of his put in San Jose without having to get the Pope and General Franco involved...what happens to all those lunches and meetings I had, and for which I paid, with all those city officials trying to impress them all with me?

The things I do for me, you will never know!

One way or another, I am going to get that man...I'll screw him yet...there's more than one way to fuck someone.

-- Jackie Bejan
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