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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 8:26PM :

Nobody jumped out of the bushes at me this afternoon.

Parhad to make me want to puke.

Jackie to the State of California...I can't eat because he said I make him puke.

Jackie to's a thousand bucks...fill out form says I can't eat.

State of California to must appear and show why you think Jackie makes you puke.

Parhad to all the my puke.

Jackie to State of California...Parhad said to all of us we should eat his puke.

State of California to Jackie...we want to puke too.

I'm in the process of uploading, or upchucking, Jackie's new set of official fan tods. She even added that I am likely to try to "avoid service". I like that...I have to go get a rope for my lynching? I ain't avoiding nothing. The first time the guy "served" me he dropped the papers on the doorstep of my mother's home. That ain't legal. If it were MY house, and if I had been dodging the guy for weeks, he might then be able to make such a claim and call it a legal service. You can't drop a summons on the doorstep of a relative of someone who doesn't live there...lives in a different country altogether, and call that a legal anything.

The second time he popped up, I took the papers, much to my lawyers dismay...and the other time was this morning. I'm not trying to avoid anything... OBVIOUSLY!

I noticed that it says on the page..."this is NOT an order"...meaning it's just her say so...all threatening and all...that's how easily she's used to castrating our heroes...just a form letter will drop them thangs. She asks that I be kept 350 yards away from her!!! Oh come ON! So what changed since the time I couldn't get away from her fast enough...when she'd breathe down my collar and press them ol bizongies into me like there was no tomorrow? Nothin...not a damn thing...I never made a threat OR a pass...never threatened to harm her physically in any way, and she knows it.

Like I said...she's desperate to get me out of here so she wont have to accept my application to join what she is also suing me for calling "her club"...I ask you....

We'll have them up here soon and you can see what a whole lot of money, and not a lot of sense can get you. I think the woman is coming inglued...."I CAN"T SLEEP...HE SAYS I'M GLUE"!!! Get a Life woman.

-- panch
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