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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 3:13PM :

In Reply to: guns posted by sankho from ? ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 2:50AM :

Indeed guns are a reality...the reality that the more you use guns the more you have reason to use guns. The United States has allowed its dog of Israel to mangle enough people and can now pull on the leash, AND get applauded for showing "Statesmanship". All they have managed to do...all they EVER wanted to do, was make certain that a whole new crop of embittered, orphaned children will grow up to take the place of these dead and blown to bits children and young adults ON BOTH SIDES, so the rest of us remain "scared" for ever and ever in need of protection and security.

Of the three trillion dollar surplus, two trillion is gone. There is NOTHING more lucrative and growth oriented than weapons...NOTHING. These guys now have the green light to go back to the drawing boards and invent new and better "guns". remember the "Peace Scare"...the terribly wasteful "Peace Dividend" we thought to enjoy, to build schools and hospitals and improve life with...that welfare for all of us that WE pay for? It's gone...and we don't mind a bit, GLAD to leave Johnny and Janey dumber and drunker and stoneder and stupider and with less and less of a future, But... SAFE!!!

What would Sharon do without more child fighters willing to blow themselves to bits? It happened in Vietnam as well. What would Grumman Corp and FMC have done without "Commie" twelve year olds? Sold candy??? He took his stroll to the Al Aqsa mosque just in time...Rabin was murdered, there was a great opportunity and he took it...along with lots more acres of Palestinian land, lives, and more power and prestige.

All America gets is more "terror"...but what a dividend for our businessmen and politicians. Who the hell would elect these people or follow them if they didn't play into our fears and fantasies?

Don't play with'll always lose...the man you kill has a son or daughter and they'll just come kill yours one day...and on and on.

-- panch
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