Assyrian Epidemic

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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 9:26PM :

just come up with a new project and put a name on it and pick someone who's a good talker , go to GARBIA make yourself Famous.
but the catch is you must be a looser and old so you won't have anything to loose ofcourse if you stay and live there ,Don't worry about the money Assyrian are always willing to donate I think you can get the biggest Donations If you claim you are going to GARBIA to build a Church .
then one day soon or later the kurds or Iraq will take what ever you built over there ofcourse is not that they want to . see, they are good people with heart, but the old lion the one who ruled the word with iron fist will make them to do so . the old lion does't like us to stand on our feet . we are consider pain in his ugly ass

-- Gandhi
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