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Posted by David Chibo from ? ( on Sunday, April 07, 2002 at 1:49AM :


Just to clarify the situation.
The incident in Arbil was not related to Assyrian at all.
I just want to emphasise that most Kurds here are very friendly and welcoming.

The incident that transpired was between two groups of Kurds that had been drinking on the night. One started with another and they initially began to beat each other to pulp in the foyer.
Well one of the participants had lost and he eturned with an AK-47 which he fired into the roof to scare worked. People dived for cover as he pointed it into all directions.

Any way to sum things up our people weren't targeted and nothing happened to any of us. Thank Ashur none of the Kurds were also killed, just injured.

I just want to point out that fights ike this happen at clubs in Melbourne...the only difference this time was that the easy availability of guns made the incident a little scary.

Apart from this incident Northern Iraq is tranquil and the people very peaceful.

Gotta run,

-- David Chibo
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