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Posted by pancho VIVE from ( on Sunday, April 07, 2002 at 5:48PM :

In Reply to: Restraining Order - Page 1 posted by Junglest from ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 4:37PM :

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Back home at last!

As to the restraining'll notice all the business that is crossed out...that means there is no basis to this nonsense at all...that she is the one doing the harrassing...that they have to wait to convince a judge that I am any sort of threat to her or her children. Hey forgot your know what kind of a trouble maker I am...don't you want yet ANOTHER restraining order to protect her from me?

This is an excellent test case...the Jackster is much more interesting than Nimrod ever was and Atour don't measure up for nuthin. But the Jackster's the one...especially since she doesn't need the money...isn't robbing from us in that sense.

She represents a whole other type of leeder from hell---one who "does" for us...and maybe we might benefit...but if push comes to shove, it is HER benefit that gets stroked and ours that gets pushed aside.

This woman has already spent three times what I did on lawyer fees and she wasn't even the one that was harmed. She made the installation of Shumirum a crown jewel in her crown of achievements for us chitlin babies...of course we were free to bask in the reflected glory of what she, and what she told us all, ONLY she could do for us...but if her brother can't sing at the dedication and if I wont grab her you know whats, even after all that money she GAVE me...then I and the rest of us can just plain go to Armenian hell.

Can you imagine what she wouldn't have accomplished if she'd approached the installation of Shumirum with the same energy and determination she has this stupid series of acts?

I am grateful to her though for she will now become MY crowing my spare time. I will get her to issue complaint after complaint listing every body part of hers and exactly what I say or think of it...want to do to it...was asked to do to that the courts can get clogged with her body parts.

Keep 'em comin baby!

-- pancho VIVE
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