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Posted by pancho VIVE from ( on Sunday, April 07, 2002 at 5:59PM :

In Reply to: Restraining Order - Page 2 posted by Junglest from ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 4:38PM :

YouŽll also notice it says "when made" other words no such order has been issued or ever will is just her lawyer filling out whatever she pays him to. I like also the "remove all non Constitutionally protected"...every thing I've written about her pooter is protected speech. If it was this easy to get removed what keeps you up at night, the KKK would have had its site removed long ago.

I don't know who she is trying to scare...I think she is the scared one...cause she still can't find a legit way to deny me membership in her Club and she would hate more than anything to see me come striding into the place---especially now that everyone knows what I know about her privates. This too is a good lesson for all of much to learn, so few Jacksters. A Club, even hers, is either a personal Club, run at the whim and will of one person...or it is trooly a democratic organization with rules and laws etc- We are infested with these petty tyrants who think freedom in this country means they are free to "buy" status, and run a club the way they want to cause their car is play Turkish Tyrant all over our clean clothes.

She said in her other petition that I slandered her doodles by implying the club is HER club...well here she comes, madder than a wet hen with an unsqueezed titty cause I wouldn't play ball...ruining my show, acting like the worst example of a woman scorned,,,and treating her organization JUST like it was her own private club. Their rules will simply not allow her to legally keep me out...hence all this bullshit about restraining orders and what not...I am even supposed to stay at least 350 yards away from her...she gonna measure?

-- pancho VIVE
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