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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 9:55AM :

In Reply to: Re: Pacem en Terris posted by Stella from ? ( on Saturday, April 06, 2002 at 6:47PM :

You are a wise old such a pretty package too. Where are those photos!!! I want everyone else to see if they can figure out which shemale is which. If Julia doesn't "read" like exactly what she looks like...and if you aren't the warmest cup of cream... Poor Jeff.

I still think we'd have a better chance at pacem on this terrim if those three sisters from hell would go back whence they came. It has to be one of the greatest ironies and con jobs in the world that the Roman Empire turned CHRISTIAN!!!

Was it a miracle???? hell no...just good sense, they went on raping and stealing and killing as merrily as before but now they could look heavenward when caught with their hands down some boys shorts and know that "He" would understand and forgive. Of course HE would...who has more need of understanding and forgiveness than that vile old coot who has given Humanity all the license it needed to go on its bloody way with HIS blessing, HIS example, and HIS forgiveness.

Next time I kill a child I'm going to ask Hitler for understanding and forgiveness.

-- pancho
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