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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 10:44AM :

It's an interesting spectacle. This is precisely what Jackie has done to whomever she decided was no longer useful to HER...that is if the person dared say or do anything which she personally disliked. In the past just her vile tongue spreading stories behind our backs was enough to keep most of us cowed. When that didn't work, the forced smile was replaced by the scowl that was always beneath the surface and the threats would start, then the letters from lawyers, then, and maybe for the first time for her, the actual filing of frivolous complaints...and lies for which she committed perjury already.

If she only targeted normal people she'd be safe, it would work. Most of us are terrified of facing any kind of official anything, and there are the legal fees you'd have to come up with to defend yourself, or just answer her "charges". Who would actually want to risk his property by going head to head with her...especially as her's is as firmly up her ass as anything could get.

I ain't normal. She can file papers till she's blue in the face...a hysterical attack on her part is no emergency on mine. I wont answer a single one of her petitions...not till they drag my ass into court. It would not have been worth it, to avoid all of this, to have shagged the woman...some things just aren't worth it. You all must find it difficult to believe that this stuff could actually come from such a ridiculous place...but it did and it has happenned often enough that it finally made its way into fiction.

She was buying a lot more than sculpture, she felt. She was buying her notion of loyalty...she actually believed I was as impressed by her gew gaws and cars as much as she is. The final insult was my turning away from all that flesh being offered up on the platters she dresses it in.

In the meantime she will provide me with rich material, and the more sensible ones among you will see clearly what sort of leedership material we attract. These sorts of people HAVE to keep us frightened and infantile...we HAVE to remain the sort of people easily impressed by what amounts to, after all, used cars...that's what the most expensive Benz becomes when you drive it off the lot...just a used car. We also have to remain unable to tell real gold from the spray painted article. The Jacksters among us have NO interest whatsoever in benefiting us in any way...in any of the ways we desperately need to improve on or we will remain dumb clucks for the rest of our Assyrian lives.

For my part, I am going to go on and produce the best sculpture I can, starting with a new monument for San Jose. I have been greatly impressed and relieved at the level of serious willingness to do real work for this Heritage which I saw in the few people I met with while I was there. I'm going back to work with them soon...and if the Jackster gets me thrown in jail...I'll work from there.

-- pancho
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