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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 2:47PM :

I think itīs delicious...the kinds of ironies and idiocies we revel in. Here we have Jackie Bejan, getting ready to do her thing about honoring William Daniel...a guy she can cry over at a momentīs notice, who is safely dead and canīt tell her what he told me about the same time this paragon of virtue is trying to invent new ways of getting another Assyrian artist, not safely dead yet, thrown in jail, or at the least kept out of her Club, which she is treating about as much as a club, all her own, as one lying, perjuring, yet not-fornicating-thisboy, woman could.

How could I have brought you the real Jackie, uncut and unadulterated, by me at least, without all this co-operation from her? Some people are so eager to be in the limelight they donīt realize what it reveals. You tell her, Iīm having way too much fun.

-- pancho
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