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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 3:21PM :

I know no one is gonna believe this, but I am ready and set to start another monument. I canīt say for which city yet because a delegation of two Assrins will descend on the place waving copies of my posts proving how vulgar I am...how I hate America because I donīt like what Bush and Falwell and Asccroft want to make of it...how I donīt believe in religion enough to kill my neighborīs child for it, and a whole lot of other stuff far outweighing the fact that I make sculpture. The Gassman will begin to bewilder officials with posts about how low down I am and how, if they really want, he can e-mail them ten boxcars full of notes heīs made about his humble place in history...along with a color snapshot of him in a feathered Boa and red pumps.

You have to be careful when you want to honor Assyrians...cause if youīre not, theyīll get there before you and get you tossed out the moment you come over the hill.

Itīs going to be a larger than life size bronze of the flying Lamasu, number 54 in the gallery. Iīll fund it by selling bronzes of the model shown there for $2,000. This will not be any tax deductible nonsense...no Golanis need apply. Itīll cost $500 to cast the piece...the balance of $1,500 will go to support my lifestyle in Mexico for a couple of years...and incidentally get us a bronze monument that would cost much more than the $100,000 this one will.


Thatīs art crticism, Assrin style.

We will put names on a plaque in the order people buy...the first two are taken already. If someone doesnīt hang a Nimrod around my neck, or sneak a Jackster into my bed...I could finish it in one year. I have gone over and over it in my head... if I really want to go down that road again...and I do.

I have no doubt in my mind that I could make it away from this madhouse...but a lot of people can do that. No one else...and I mean NO ONE can negotiate these shark infested waters better than I can. I have no control over what a Sarguis or Jackie want to mail people in private and I trust most people stopped responding to the Gassbag long ago. But they all know by now what waits for them if they do this sort of stuff where I can catch them in the act.

This stranglehold of mediocrity MUST be broken or we are done for. If the wiser ones among us canīt see that religion and politics, as our dim lights perceive of them, will only divide us further, then they donīt read here anyway and wouldnīt lift a finger to help anything.

Art and Culture is our strongest suit...and is the one thing we are most famously known for. I would even like to see multiple castings of the same piece placed in several cities where the Assyrians are ready to be more than card carrying guest workers who can ACTUALLY get into the Country Club.

If you are truly here...really an American in the best sense of the word, then you know that America is made up of several ethnic groups and those who dominate the scene do so primarily because they have made their culture a part of American culture.

You have in me the sculptor who can do it...it just requires a certain feeling in the rest of our people. We are not a poor community except in spirit and any real pride. We can give our children, who you know look to their parents for Life itself, something to be truly proud of...or they can continue seeing the monuments of the others who didnīt have a fraction of what we had and could have to feel proud about.

Somehow we have to wipe the aftertaste of what Nimrod, the Golanis and Jackie Bejan did. They canīt be allowed to have the last word...for all OUR sakes, not because I need to prove anything. The last impression my children or yours have should not be of that time, once upon a place, when we got together to do something...managed one monument, had the next one warehoused for seven years, the other one broken to bits in process. You canīt want to leave as a legacy of Assyrian Art and Culture in the Modern Era that a young painters work, Rabel Shmoel...can be removed from an exhibit because he used the "wrong" color...or that a hyenna of a woman would use her frustrated sex glands as an excuse to banish another artist and hound him and his children through the courts just because he said "no" to her.

Or can you? There will always be a Mar One and Mar Two to discuss, and what really happened on that long road from Edessa to Jersey 1000 years ago...and what PROOF is there that Aprim is anything and on and on. Maybe that will suffice for most of you as an expression of your Pride...that and demanding a country be given to us...and some cash wouldnīt hurt too.

This nation stands ready to honor us, as it has for several years. The Assyrians were there to give money and have faith, they were there until Nimrod and Bejan and Golani went to work determined to wreck what they couldnīt bend or control. This is as good a time as any to break their grasp...to NOT run out and leave the Palace that Ashur built for them to trash any further.

If you know anyone...if you yourselves would like to participate in what WE could make an historic occasion...I canīt do it alone...think about joing us. This time no money comes to me personally until the sculpture is cast and ready to ship. The casting cost would be sent to the foundry...and the work order would be in the customerīs name, not mine. When completed, you would be notified and when I receive the balance...the foundry sends you the piece...already paid for. Thatīs the best protection I can build into it...if it isnīt good enough, sorry. How easy do you think "great deeds" are supposed to be?

Iīll write more about this later...hadnīt intended to mention it yet but times a wastinī.

-- pancho
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