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Posted by Raman from ( on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 4:49PM :

In Reply to: Re: Kha B'Neesan Festival - Dohuk, Northern Iraq posted by pancho from ( on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 2:39PM :

I've run into the same situation your son's grandma did, also with one of our churches. They don't do politics, they also don't do Assyrian language classes. But they do do the bidding of the Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian governments. They are currently working on the Kurdish authority. If you believe what you wrote below, then why are you in the business of perpetuating Assyrian culture via monuments? Why bother? I live on a small plot of native American land just like you live on a plot of native Mexican land. We all accept what has already come to pass because it's near impossible to change it, including our people's situation. I can't change the world. There are any number of Chicago ethnic communities who might be interested in a monument, Greeks, Serbians, etc. I would suggest Assyrians, but you've been down that road already. Your best bet is to work with individual Assyrians or with teams of no more than 2. As soon as 2 Assyrians try to work together, a 3rd comes along and destroys the project, if not the relationship.

: And just what do you suppose is happening to Assyrians in this Mother of All Violent Nations? Arenīt Assyrians RUSHING and BEGGING to be alowed into the Country Club? What do you suppose it would take to get the Assyrian flag on an Assyrian church door in this country?

: My first sonīs white, Germanic, Catholic, French her 70īs belongs to a peace group that is working to stop the Sanctions and the murder of our innocent people. She lives five houses down from yet another Assrin church...this one an Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church that just got its ass end renovated. She took some leaflets to the priest there figuring, just as any American would, our people would speak out against the murder of their fellows. He told her they donīt do politics...just mumble and pray and get spit on down on their knees for the sake of you know who.

: Assyrians canīt get Americanized fast enough and fuck the homeland to boot. If Assyria were to become the 51st State there would be a lot of happy Assrins lining up for goodies. If the Kurds get away with it...power to them. You think Israel has a moral right to the lands they are think the United States think you do?

: To the victor go the spoils has always been the rule...why should anyone stop screwing people as anxious to GET screwed as we are.

: You know of any ethnic minorities in Chicago might want a revamped monument..."Pride" To Order...thatīs my new motto.

-- Raman
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