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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 1:57PM :

In Reply to: WAGING GENOCIDE posted by Turkish Delight from ? ( on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 1:35AM :

Thanks for that. It makes for eye opening reading...that and especially Dee Brown``s "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee". Those who love their country, or their child or parent or lover, who care for the development of that person or entity, would not hesitate to point out shortcomings and failures. It is the one who is blindly supportive, "patriotic", who would go along just to get along, that does the greater harm in the end. American Patriots insisted fifty five thousand young get killed for nothing, because of another presidential lie, and they called those of us who would not go and fought against others going, "traitors" and Un-American. Since when is it American to send thousands of Americans off to death and thousands more to injury? Is being a fool, easily duped, what being American has to mean? Do Americans NOT think? Are we now to be martinets in thw worst caricature of a goose stepping Nazi? The true American, if he or she really understands what made America great in spite of all the mistakes and follies she endured in her still raging adolescense...would not hesitate to ask for greater clarification and evidence for will surely become a year we will pay for dearly in times to come. The obscene silence we have maintained in the face of the injustice done to Palestinians, and I don``t mean Arafat just as when I say American I am not refering to awful a thing as the one we maintained in the face of Nazi cruelties will only lead to more well deserved hatred and anger focused on our people it has already. This is a very simple thing to fix...not requiring the enrichment of several Arms manufacturers. long waits at airports and the eventual going off to war of more of our young people.

America acted the part of the rapacious savage in those early days...and the law for countries is still one of the jungle, even the junglest.

But sooner or later, especially as the world shrinks and we target each others children more and more, we have to come to terms with the fact that everyone who can get away with it is behaving badly to say the least.

The Jews have ever had my sympathy and admiration, and they still do. As I was able to eventualy get over my hatred for all things Germanic after reading about the Holocaust...and learned to make distinctions...I am able to distinguish between Jews as a people and Zionism as a movement, especially one that is basically a white European movement that has the same racist ideology as any fun loving Nazi or Colonial Brit ever had towards Wogs, Gooks, Kafirs, Niggers, or Kykes. I realize that Jews were pushed beyond any point that any other group on earth has ever been pushed. If there are to be more horrible injustices, the Israeli feels justified in saying, "Let it be someone else this time". Who wept for Jewish children that they should now weep for Palestinian children.

It is true, and sadly so...but this will never end like this, and I know there are Jews who feel that way, and they too live in fear of being called "Un-Jewish" as those of us who would demure from America``s rash madness are afraid to be called "Un-American". All we are managing to do is put out death warrants on our own children...for no "enemy" child is any less likely to not want any child of ours would be allowed to forget 9-11.

Just as the Israelis have in their Pantheon a special place reserved for Gentiles who risked their lives to take the unpopular and deadly decision to help Jews, to hide them in cellars knowing discovery would mean death for the entire family...for those who spoke out at a time when all of Europe was thirsting for Jewish blood after the Dreyfus case...that the few people who risked everything to defend a people they felt were being unjustly targeted and made scapegoats and whose lives were snuffed out as if they mattered not at all...just as a few people now honored by the Jews stood up and spoke up for the friendless and too is it time for some people...more than heretofor, to speak up for the Palestinians...Muslims and Christian who are being forced to play the role of the Jews now to the Israeli Fascists.

The effort to take advantage of America``s own problems with terrorism and declare Palestinian children whose parents have been driven from their lands, whose patrimony sits across a road guarded by Israeli tanks, being enjoyed by Albert and Hannah from Brooklyn who feel they have a historic right to someone elses land...children whom must see their parents brutalized and humiliated before their eyes, broken and humbled by the arrogance that only self-righteousness can produce in the thief who believes God smiles on his thievery...this calculated effort to convince us that Palestinians come from a "Culture of Hate"...are taught "Hatred" as if in a school somewhere instead of by Israeli freelance a crime of equal magnitude with telling the world that Jews are vermin responsible for every economic slump and tale of Christian woe.

Enough is enough...let``s call a spade a spade...a Jew a Jew and an Israeli Zionist a Neo-Nazi and be done with it. It does us no good to shade our eyes and buy this crap the end of the day you are going to ned your wits to balance a checkbook or find your way home from aren``t doing your brain cells a favor by going stupid on demand.

The United States has never wanted Peace in that profits and benefits when there is turmoil, the more the better. For one thing it has a market for weapons and the exportation of weapons is America``s greatest money maker...and you need war to use up supplies, and you need fear and terror back home to get people to open their wallets up, the more gratefully the better. Oil is also easier and cheaper to come by if there is chaos and jealousy and suspicion and religious animosity runs amok among those hopelessly infantile people who have kept way too much faith with THEIR sister from hell to figure much out about how to best Americans and Israelis at their own game.

I quit. I will not play stupid for anyone anymore...and this Think Tank Conservative invention of "PC" can crawl back up someones arse where it first came from...Let``s have Political Fairness and Political Common Sense and Political Fair Play instead of what is supposed to be correct. That was another PR, media wise invention of the white man to make us all think that giving someone simple justice was now something as patently absurd as trying to be "politically correct" the point that we can``t discuss anything seriously because it``s been co-opted by this stupid phrase. Let``s have Closure on PC!

Even if it were possible, even if the Nazis had managed to kill evey single Jew and other person they despised, even if we could wipe out all Iraqis and break the backs and spirits of any people anywhere at that the kind of world you think you would enjoy living in?

The Romans made a wilderness and called it Peace. The Nazis were well on their way to creating a sterile, unsmiling, sadistic and superior society...but who could live there for long, or would want to. Neatness and order, and material riches do not make for Life...not really. But they DO make for smooth running systems and well oiled machinery and profits. The people that are scared and damaged emotionally by such systems will in short time ONLY be able to keep functioning at all, by buying into the very things that frustrate them and make a mockery of their lives of toil...a joke thay barely "get" just before dying, if ever...and who can never even wonder if it had to be that way, when they will not be able to know of any other way without being called traitors and getting lynched for daring to object or ask for another choice or direction.

Americans have to increasingly become even more ignorant and downright stupid than they are to believe the ridiculous notions of the world and the world``s population and their place in it, in order to get along...and they DO want to get along, desperately. Stupid people don``t make good parents, they make bad teachers, horrible leaders and friends for your children...

-- pancho
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