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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 2:26PM :

I``ve about run through her body parts and I think all of us have seen enough of Jackie Bejan. I know I never wanted to see all that much of her...ahem. Unless something new comes up, this is getting stale. However it might be of interest to new readers so we will leave a permanent Constitutionally protected link on the home page for those of you wishing to refresh your memories on one of the most rotten episodes in our dismal history with Wurld Class Leeders.

I look forward to as many petitions and complaints and supoenas as she can afford and if the day comes when I actually wind up in court, I``ll speak for myself cause no one else believes this...believes that grown people who profess to be moved to tears and lust at the thought of Assyria, would behave in such a way.

I``m still waiting for Jackie to prove to all of us that I was mistaken, that indeed I slandered her when I implied she treated the Association in San Jose as her own personal club...still waiting for them to send me a letter or an application, as she herself said they would do "soon", two months ago...waiting for the Association itself to prove that they are indeed different from the Federation in any marked way...that they are an organization of grown ups, who abide by their own rules and laws, and not like Golani who lies and cheats at will and on the spot when necessary.

We already know she never informed her membership of the letter from my lawyer before the convention, as the rules say she must...and that she committed perjury when signing a complaint saying that this thing I alleged never happened, that she did indeed fulfill all her obligationdoodles. A liar of such scope and magnitude and willfulness can lead you all if you have nowhere particular you want to go. But you don``t get monuments put up, or made, or win people over by lying...you can BUY people, and FRIGHTEN people with your money and your lying ways, but you can``t build much.

I want to move on to something positive. I wont let them have the last word, not ever...threats of service or whatever notwithstanding. I``ll be back to claim an answer to my simple request that I be allowed to join her club, and if it is indeed not her club...then let her quit stalling and get out of the way. As Nixon told Eisenhower when the latter was hesitant to back his vice presdiential nominee in the face of yet another scandal..."General, sometimes you got to shit or get off the can." It``s well past the time for Jackie to take her shit and get off her can. Either turn me down officially and legally, as a legitimate Organization, or allow Jackie to sit there on her can indefinitely. If she thinks the "threat" of more doodles from her will keep me from pressing my case...guess again.

But for all practical purposes I will stop refering to her...unless of course she makes the case that I am undergoing psychological treatment and am under a doctors orders to stop doodling what I refused to diddle. No such thing...she bores me and I``ve about exhausted myself.

I will be working on the new monument. Nimrod and the Golanis and Jackster did "their thing", which is to steal as much of someone elses lustre and cash and hopes as possible, giving nothing in return anywhere near to what they "got". The world doesn``t begin or end with them, although our little place in it has been seriously compromised by them...while they themselves have derived whatever satisfaction made them "love" their heritage in the first place.

Let``s set the personal aside. Enough of refusing to support someone or read someone``s writings, or go see someone``s art because we don``t like what the person says about something entirely unrelated. If you don``t like my politics, fine...I probably don``t like yours too...but you are one of us, you don``t have to be a carbon copy of anyone. There is benefit for us all in these monuments. Let``s leave me alone to do what I do well...let me make the monument that we might be able to place in several cities. No mature People demand conformity from their writers and artists...if they did they would get what we have and no one would know about them or care much either.

-- pancho
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