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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 10:08AM :

In Reply to: From Stella to you posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 9:42PM :

: She e-mailed this to me... but she couldn't quite figure out how to put it on the board so here you go people....

###Now thatīs my kind of theologian. Of course marriage isnīt really the problem. There are plenty of weirdos who are respectably married...look at Jackie ( YOUR HONOR!!!). The Church maintains POWER over itīs nasty children, and power is at the heart of most of what passes for sex...rape included. What possible turn on can there be to holding a knife to a man or womans throat if not the power you have to do your uglies at will. Cary Staynor, the man who raped and killed the woman in Yosemite said he had never felt so powerful in his life.

Priests are forced into cellibacy...into cutting off their own privates, as initiates of the cult of Cybelle used to do voluntarily... by the church as they are forced into any number of awkward and downright stupid and inhumane positions just to maintain the franchise...even when they are sincerely motivated to good and in spite of the mind numbing drivel they have to believe in, sort of. What better way, what do they suffer from themselves other than the lack of any power to do anything but play the part of sheep? And who is most available and vulnerable to them and their need to play power games on someone else, besides children handed over to their care?

The Church "screws" them by forbidding them to screw, they need to screw someone else just as vulnerable...the clergy are the Popeīs "Children" and he does as he wishes with them...your children are the priestīs "children" and they do the same...well sort of. The Pope and the church are in a sense playing around with the privates of the priests, down to how many times it is permissable to have wet dreams in a month... so that they are given a sort of weird license to play with some other childrensīprivates as well.

The whole thing stinks and has about as much to do with anything holy or godly as Jackie Bejanīs rear end does (sorry). Thatīs what you get for maintaining a system begun 2000 years ago when we were all a lot dumber, and by the brainchild of the Roman Empire fer chrissakes. Grow up.

-- pancho
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