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Posted by Stella from ? ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 12:20PM :

In Reply to: Re: America's Public Debt posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 1:07PM :

DePaul calls it Religious Studies...everywhere else its known as theology. Maybe they call it RS not to offend anyone, or maybe it's just a really broad program of study which covers a wide range of religions and cultures, some that have different concepts of faith than the norm. I'll go with the latter.

RS is not as archaic and backward as you may think it is...nowadays, sawoonie, they're trying use ideas of this long standing human contrust to see how they can find a way to alleviate the crap thats going on now. There are studies in feminist ethical issues and religion, social injustice and religion, ecology and religion. Sure we get the basic concepts of Christianity shoved down our throats but that's necessary to get an understanding of the origins and the early belief system of the religion. Concepts of Trinity, salvation, etc, thats just kids stuff. The fun part is how to use religion to fix what it has been broken. :>

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