Open Letter To Janey Golani and Jesus

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 3:17PM :

I``m going back to the USA in part to see Jackie in court. I``ll have no lawyer. I want a final version from you of who actually drew up that contract you handed me at the convention. You told us it was all Jackie``s idea...she said it was all Atour``s doing. Which is it. Were you really "forced" into it...because I have honest people who know what happened and they say there was no such pressure applied to your Jesus Golani. If that``s his way of Leading people, then he might as well blow a gasket and roll over as well.

I don``t want to drag his name into it unnecessarily but in my reply I will mention the things Jackie did behind my back, her specialty, and one of them was that, was it Atour or was it Jackie?

Neither one of them bothered to inform any one of anything. They both write pedantic letters to world leaders wherein they drone on about Democracy like they know what it is. Neither of them notified their membership of a letter received by each in their official capacity as presidents of their clubs. Neither of them ever put the idea to a vote, that after 23 years of being a welcomed and honored contributer to your conventions, I was now to be shut out because Jackie couldn´´t get laid. Yeah...that``s JUST how stupid this whole thing is!!!

No one got to vote on anything. You guys don``t even talk a convincing game, that``s why you fight like remain mice. Do Jesus a favor...get him to send me a letter telling the truth, for once. Otherwise he gets hauled into this thing by his little, kicking feet.

You guys all thought you were safe and clear because you disgusted enough people who didn``t want to bother with the lot of you, and the ones remaining did so on the condition that they never oppose your ridiculousnesses. I have news for the lot of you...there is serious and important work that needs doing, and we don``t any longer require the services of people who seek to use us to enoble their spare time. You and your Jesus along with the Jackster and Nimrod put your pointy heads together and came up with the nifty idea of breaking me, then blaming it on me...confident that once broke, in pocket and heart...I would crawl off somewhere where an Andre Aghassi could say..."I could have told you so". Forget it.

There are people fighting and dying today as we speak and breathe who are facing a world of serious threats and dangers, including many of our own back home. You really think a tight assed woman like Jackie Bejan with her money and lawyers is going to stop anything?

Keep your Jesus``s name clear of all of this...he``s done enough smearing it himself...tell me the truth, for once in your life since I``ve know you...stop fabricating "plausible truths" and give the real, real one.

-- pancho
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