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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-7.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 4:00PM :

for the note on aina. It takes caring first...without that nothing gets done. If I were a zillionaire it would be oh so tempting to pay for all these monuments myself...but it would defeat the purpose...although it would still serve the purpose of inspiring future generations.

My greatest achievement was not making any sculpture...not getting a monument installed...it was in first off all inspiring Narsai David to put his reputation on the line in what must have seemed back then a most Quixotic venture...after that, my single most significant and "monumental" achievement was in getting other people to want to join. That is the real monument in all of these projects. The bronze just testifies to it.

That``s what is so sad in what these Bejans and Nimrods and Golanis have done. They destroyed the trust built up over years of hard work. Could one of them have inspired any Assyrian to part with anywhere near the money they spent to buy sculpture and invest in monuments for all of us...especially in the case of the three who paid for me to make a model of a sculpture not yet started, and for a monument that wasn``t going to any city they lived in, AND one known for its Chaldean community...when not a one of them was Chaldean himself. That was my crowning glory. As Lincoln told Jackie so many times...without her money none of the people who kowtow to her now would care a thing about her, she knows it and it eats at her, yet what else does she have?

That``s what Atour and Jackie and John ruined. I can always sell elsewhere, hell people I know think I am getting crazier by the minute so determined am I not to be driven away by these people.

Thanks...we had our differences but I always admired your clarity of thought, the ability to rise above the personal...to dislike all the disagreeable parts of what I was doing, yet stand ready to respond openly and fairly when something of interest swam by. That``s all we need, and what we need more of...and they are there in our young children, waiting for us to drive these leaders away and take back our Heritage.

The Assyrian Heritage is NOT for sale...it is NOT a launching pad for "serious careers"...not a place to bring your infirmities because the Armenians wont bother with you. We are the ones who have to ferret these people out...till then they will wrap themselves in the flag and hide like the scoundrels they are behind platitudes and legal threats and court orders when their one tried and true method of getting rid of what is "real" doesn``t work...I mean the sheer disgust they engender in our hearts and minds...and because of which we have been negligent, not thinking of what this might eventually lead to in lost interest among our children...and allowed them to get away with it for too long.

Jackie and John and Gassman and Atour lost a long time ago...like they died in spirit a long time ago, but forget to be buried.

-- pancho
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